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Listen To An Interview With The Owner Of The Infamous Aventador SV!

1y ago


Meet Mike. A Lamborghini Aventador 750-4 SV owner. The guy doesn't have email and has never been featured on the internet before. Suddenly, last week, Mike found himself at the centre of a viral video, where a member of the public is caught on camera running over his Lamborghini.

Mike was approached for an interview to give his recollection of events of what happened. The person who ran over the car also kicked both sides of the Lamborghini and threw his drink at it. All the owner claims he wanted to do was protect his car.

Video from Eyes On Fair Oaks

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  • The kid running over the Lambo should have his legs broken for that sacrilege...That car is not a Crapperrari!

    7 months ago
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  • I suspect that staying away from the internet has as much to do with Mike's success as laying off the liquor and crack.

    1 year ago
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