- Listen to the exhaust note of the new Vantage - Image from John Modball

Listen To The Standard Exhaust On The New Aston Martin Vantage!

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Aston Martin revealed the new Vantage model last month. It replaces the previous V8 Vantage model, having been in production for 12 years with the British manufacturer. The new Vantage is powered by a Mercedes-AMG 4.0L, twin turbo V8 engine and deliveries will begin next year.

We've seen lots of videos and images of the new Vantage, but there seems to be very little content out there of the car running. John Modball took a trip down to Aston Martin in Bristol to take a listen for himself!

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The stock exhaust note sounds awesome! - Video from John Modball

You can hear the stock exhaust note as the Vantage rolls past, then the driver decides to give the car a little rev and you can hear the Vantage pop and crackle! What do you think?

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  • Me thinks that Aston needs to call it quits if they can’t build their own power plants. But they’re going to post about wow the Aston Martin has such a sick new exhaust note! It’s a ducking Mercedes you idiots!!!!

    1 year ago
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  • AMG GTR....

    1 year ago
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