Listen to the Valkyrie's nat-asp V12 scream like an old F1 car

Headphones in. Volume up.

These days, it seems everyone and their mum is working on some sort of track-focused, extreme downforce, absurdly powerful hypercar. The AMG One, the Senna, the Valkyrie. They’re common as muck. In fact, it’s almost difficult to know which of them to be most excited about.

So let me make it easy for you.

Carfection, one of the finest motoring channels on Youtube, posted this fairly biblical video last night. In it, Henry Catchpole takes a tour of the facility where the Aston Martin Valkyrie is being developed. There’s lots of cool techy info and whatnot but the reason you need to watch it is to hear the Valkyrie’s 1000bhp, naturally-aspirated V12 make its sweet music.

Last time we heard a V12 scream like that, Jean Alesi was winning F1 races and I was still in nappies. Ah, to be nine again.


For more information on the Valkyrie, check out this article:

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