Lister have turned the Jaguar I-Pace into a very aggressive looking cat

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Lister have been around for years and have taken Jaguar's by the scruff of their necks and turned them into a completely different beast. One of my favourites was their overhaul of the F-Type which was a truly aggressive looking thing.

Now, Lister have gone on to tackle the electric side of things. This is the Jaguar I-Pace, the all new fully electric vehicle from the British (technically Indian now) car maker. They have taken a bog standard one costing around £60,000 and have beefed it up in every way imaginable.

So, what have they actually done? Well, they have given the I-Pace a very aggressive looking body kit which is nicely complimented by the British Racing Green paint and yellow accents. The haunches are now really accentuated and the overall look of the car is much more 'Jag-R' like.

The front bumper is now made entirely from carbon fibre as weight saving is key with those heavy underfloor batteries, which remain the same. In fact, the car is now an astonishing 100kg lighter meaning it weighs a total of 2,033kg which is still ruddy heavy but nowhere near as heavy as before.

Lister have also added their very own titanium wheels which look very scratch thirsty indeed but would be worth it. It also has a bigger stopping power with the new carbon ceramic brakes as well as fully adjustable lowered suspension.

When you open the doors of the 'SUV-E', you will be greeted by a custom Nappa leather interior. Lister says that customers will have the choice of 60 leather colours and 200 stitching colours to choose from. That is far more than Jaguar offer as standard.

But with all this, comes a price, and it is quite a hefty one. Prices are estimated to start from £125,000 which means it will be one of the most expensive mass produced electric cars in the UK but you have to remember how much work they have put into it.

Would you drop £125k on one of these?

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  • Not bad. The colour suits it.

    8 days ago
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  • Talking about Lister and the Cat got me thinking about Red Dwarf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8 days ago
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