Little Bit Boso, Little Bit Deko: Custom Hot Wheels Sakura Sprinter Dekotora

Bosozuku meets Dekotora with this Improbable Garage conversion kit

Ever since I saw a good friend over social media previewing their unfinished Improbable Garage "dekotora" (can also build a Bosozuku truck with the right attention to detail) conversion kit for Hot Wheels' Sakura Sprinter transporter, I had to build me one my own way. Given that the casting is a harmonious mashup of the Hino ZM-series and Isuzu TX-E of the middle Showa era, and could easily pass for a debadged ZM or TX-E with the right look, I had to do something unique with this casting, and Ryu Asada's swan-song design, the Raijin Express, had the right look, but I have no idea who in real life builds a Dekotora kei truck, and that's what the size/scale of it came off as to me. So even though Mark Jones was the Sakura Sprinter's designer, I had to build a proper homage to Ryu-san given that I'm a bit of a true-scale stickler.

Starting point of this project.

Starting point of this project.

I got the dimple in the roof of the cargo box filled in, sanded the GReddy logos off the sides, stripped the cab, prepared the body kit for paint, and got the cab stripped. Then I painted the body kit in DupliColor Chrome Finish spray paint, with the cab & cargo box in Tamiya Color Light Gunmetal. The body kit broke in 2 places on one side skirt, but I got it all back together successfully via gluing and carefully arranging the pieces along the side of the cargo box & letting it all dry. The Mt. Fuji murals look easy, but they involved extensive cutting, arranging and gluing of sections of a file photo I found online and edited to look like a painting, and carefully gloss Modge Podge painting over the Tacky Glued mural panels after the Tacky Glue dried. Reassembling the build was otherwise very straightforward.

The overall finished product has traces of Bosozuku design to it as well as Dekotora, and while it may not be one of my best efforts, I'm still very happy with it, especially as my first time with a 3D printed body kit. It's still more than a suitable homage to Ryu Asada, too.

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Comments (2)

  • Sorry, but I cant say I like it. The picture on the side looks sloppy and uneven. The body kit looks rough, like it could use a sanding. The top part on the roof could be better if the original roof details were sanded off. The whole thing looks kinda low quality, but easily fixable.

      2 months ago