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Little girl saving for a Ferrari had her savings stolen, but then this dealership stepped in

Ferrari Gold Coast and TV show Sunrise worked together to bring a happy ending to this story of a young petrolhead burgled of her hard-earned cash.

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Like many children, five-year-old Maddison Houston from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia has dreams of one day owning her very own Ferrari, and displaying her entrepreneurial nature had already started to take her first steps towards that by doing chores and selling strawberries at her mother's café.

However, Maddison was left devastated after a heartless thief broke into the café and stole just about every dollar that was there, including the $600 Maddison had saved up to one day put towards her dream car.

Speaking to 7NEWS, the five-year-old didn't mince her words as she demanded to the thief, "Give back my money because it's not your money, I made it for my business," adding, "I would take you in the Ferrari if you didn't steal my money."

But in a positive twist to create a happy ending to this story, the Seven Network's morning program Sunrise decided to give Maddison a very special surprise to make up for what she had lost.

As you can see in the video above, Sunrise organised for Maddison's nearest Ferrari dealer, Ferrari Gold Coast, to surprise her with $600 to make up for the money she'd had stolen from her – with the Ferrari representative noting, "I hope one day you can give it back to me when you come and buy a Ferrari" – along with giving her a ride along in a bright red 812.

It's always great to see a positive end to a story like this, and it's also great to see a kid's enthusiasm for cars being indulged and encouraged as well. Let's hope one day Maddison can indeed buy herself that Ferrari she's now back on track to save up for again.

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Comments (174)

  • i think every week it was different car....

      15 days ago
  • Flying carpet, flying broomstick, flying Ford Anglia, submarine Lotus Esprit, invisible Aston Martin Vanquish, oil spraying tyres shredding seat ejecting Aston Martin DB5, multiple Bat Mobiles, Herbie, KITT Trans AM Firebird, and my fingers are tired so I'll stop here.

      15 days ago
    • I thought the flying carpet and the broomstick was like a package deal. When ones flying carpet gets dusty, we all know one needs the magical broomstick to sweep it clean.

        15 days ago
    • Not Lohan Herbie

        14 days ago
  • Saving up that much money when you are five is quite an accomplishment. When I was five, I spent every cent as soon as I got it.

      14 days ago
    • I didn't really start saving until I was 7. Always made sure I had at least 200 left over to save.

        4 days ago
  • Nice to see that there are still kids that like cars.

      15 days ago
  • .... ummm, Ferrari, I also had saved money stolen... can I have my $600 too?... 😋

    Joking aside, thats nice of them 👍

      15 days ago