Little St. Bernard Pass

2.188 meters above sea level

The pass of day three of our tour was the little St. Bernard pass and we finally hit France. We started our cars and went for the pass. It was only a few kilometers away from the hotel. Problem was the engine and tires were too cold to push the car. The pass started with a lot of hairpins. With cold Pilot Super Sports it is very slippery and car moves around a lot. Then it started with a little bit of rain. Not good condition for the tires but we took it easy for the first few kilometers. The road is in very good shape looked like freshly tarred. The road could be fun in the try and warm engine/tires. At least for the Italy part. Unfortunaly in the last third there was a lot of salt on the road which maked the cars a little bit dirty ...

So we were in France. You will notice it instantly. The roads gets worse and you missing guard rails. Makes the whole drive more adventurous. We went down the pass and hit a gas station and we were looking for a wash park. But we didn't find any.

The next goal was the Col de I'lseran. We had some bad luck with traffic and it went pretty boring until we could overtake the slow cars and a some fun for a couple of minutes until we reached the bottom of Col de I'lseran. Then it started raining hard and you maybe already guessed it, the temperature dropped hard. After some carful driving we reached the top of the pass. It was still raining pretty bad with no real chance to take some nice photos. Just some quick smartphone pics.

From the driver side I don't think the Col de I'lseran would be fun in good weather because the condition of the road is really bad and with the missing guard rails, well you can guess it.

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