Live in a big city? You probably need a Mini 'Shorty' in your life

How cute is this dwarf-sized Mini?

13w ago

The original classic Mini is a really small car by today's standards. The typical 'city car' size has grown so much and even a modern-day Mini can hardly be referred to as a 'small car'. So what happens when you make an old Mini even smaller? Well, you get this.

What you're looking at here is a Mini 'Shorty' with a two-metre wheelbase. It's so small in fact, it could probably park in your shed or downstairs loo... if that's where you wanted to park it.

It's based on a 1968 Morris Mini finished in cream, but is now sporting a bright orange paint – probably so you can distinguish it from a piece of gravel on your driveway. It was made to look like this by the team over at the London Mini Centre in Putney last year, where it received a service plus a thorough body restoration.

Powering this little orange fruit is its original 1.0-litre A-series inline-four which remains stock, meaning it still puts out around 40hp – but that's not all that bad when you consider how much smaller and therefore lighter it is.

It’s been fitted with a set of black and silver Minilite-style wheels wrapped in Nankang tyres to complete the look.

What's even better is that this little marvelous creation is up for auction at Car & Classic. If you want to take part, bidding starts on 20 October.

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