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Live Unboxing video for Drivetribe USA Party.

In preperation for our Dec 1st drivetribe party

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We have a critical mass of tribes willing to take part so Dec 1st 2017 we are off to the track at Road Atlanta for the first Tribe Party! All the information you need can be found below and any new information released will be updated here on this page.

Who? A number of tribes have agreed to meet at Road Atlanta for party and track time on Dec 1st 2017. The event is put on by Here is the link to the just track it Calendar where you will find registration for this event when it opens. Just Trackit Calendar

What? 2017 Drivetribe party at:: Road Atlanta5300 Winder HighwayBraselton, Georgia 305171-800-849-RACE • FAX 770-967-2668. Everybody must sign waivers. It's free to watch. It's about $250.00 to enter a car for the day and approx. $75.00 foran additional driver. Firm details when event opens for registration. 4 classes from novice to expert are available and each class will get around 2.5 hours of track drive time throughout the day.

When: December 1st Friday 2017.

Where to stay: A few of us have rooms at Country Inn & Suites at 925 Highway 124 Braselton,GA 30517 US. Rooms book up fast but there are many options for hotels close by in Braselton.

Why? Well why not? A number of us have been talking about this for some time and this provides the perfect opportunity and mix for a Drivetribe Party. The location of the evening party is yet to be determined. Below are the fine details about tracking a car.


Typically for drivers with 4-6 (+/-) events that have had an instructor in their prior events. Novice-Solo is on track at the same time as Novice-Instructed.Intermediate: Drivers in this group should have completed between 6-25 events (+/-). By this time drivers should have knowledge of the line around a track, can figure it out if they are at a track for the first time, and have excellent awareness of cars behind them and the corner stations. Speeds are starting to increase and drivers are working on developing and improving their skills including threshold braking, heel/toe downshifting with rev matching, acceleration through the apex, using the full width of the track.Intermediate 1: This group is used at our full weekend events. Drivers in this group are solo approved and have completed 6 (+/-) or more events and are ready to move out of the Novice group. At this stage drivers know the driving line around the track, can drive it with relative consistency and have great awareness of corner stations, flags and other cars on track.Intermediate 2: This group is used at our full weekend events. Drivers in this group have completed 13 (+/-) or more events. At this stage drivers have excellent awareness, can always maintain their line and are ready to pass and be passed anywhere on the track. In this group drivers are working on heel/toe downshifting, threshold braking, apex speed and developing into advanced drivers.Advanced: Drivers with 25+ events. At this stage it is all about not being in the way because your skills match those on track with you. It is expected that drivers in advanced not be an impediment to other cars on track.


Driver and passengers must be 16 or older (16-17 must have a parent present and must complete the minor waiver)    Drivers must have a current valid drivers license    Driver must have an SA2010 or newer helmet – motorcycle helmets (M rated or DOT) are not allowed    Check event guidelines for proper attire    Fire suits are not required but are recommended for race prepared cars

Vehicle Requirements   

Vehicle must be in excellent mechanical condition and able to participate in high speed track activities    Vehicle must meet all the requirements as described in the tech form    Vehicle type must be suitable for on track activities – if in doubt, please email info@justtrackit.net for clarification    Seat belts must be fully functional – if harnesses are used in lieu of seat belts they must be properly installed according to manufacturer


Vehicle appearance – vehicles with excessive body damage, primered body panels, or missing body parts are not allowed    Lockton Affinity offers insurance policies to protect your vehicle in case of an incident – all Just Track It events are eligible for this coverage. Visit Lockton Affinity for more details

Let the questions roll....