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after the MB 190 16v ones, one of the most beautiful wide arches on a car...

Back in 2000 the RS4 was kind of a kick-box-foot in the face of the rest of the German HP elite, especially in the niche of "sporty and fast yet practical cars". As a result of Cosworth's genius work the RS4 was, after the legendary RS2 (get one now before you can't anymore!), Audis next big thing. Both under the hood and in your wallet though. Soon the RS4 established it's status as the mighty fast "pampers-bomber" you take your whole crew skiing on the glacier to. On a straight line at least... Note: pampers-bomber = a vehicle rather oriented at the families offspring and scoring with its practical characteristics.

Sit! good girl. now wait until I get my bucket of gold out of a random truck...

My RS4 now. After being on my dreamcar list for ever I finally purchased a 2000 RS4 B5. At first it looked like a good deal. With these 2.7 litre V6 biturbo beasts you never know whether it will survive the next kilometers/miles or not no mater how well you inspect it. Sooooo... my turbos blew up just after around 1000kms. Next step: put the car to the garage for almost 2 years and wait for a miracle.

old stuff out. new stuff in...

The miracle miraculously never came but I gathered some money, bought a few things and gave it a shot. The few things included big turbos, intercooler, heads, valves, clutch, flywheel, downpipes, exhaust, suspension, big brake ... just to name a few. I tried to keep it small and simple you know...

Did I mention that everything concerning work on the engine on the RS4 is easy-peasy and so much rewarding? So 3-times engine in and out and after a few months you may get a running car.

After all that hassle we are running on long-lasting 1.55 bar of pressure. NOT having it properly tested for actual power output I can testify that what that car delivers and is capable of pays you pack for every cent spent and hair lost despairing of that car. The rubber-band-like power it starts delivering from 3.500rpm on is mind-blowing, the sound is gorgeous AND ... it's f***ing daily drivable. Wake up the neighbors in the morning, bring the tribe to school, eat a Porsche or Ferrari for breakfast and load the 4-week grocery supply in the back.

Some key-facts: 100-200 (60-120) around 8 sek., it can actually run with around 11.5l/100km which is around 20mpg. Appearance: a pure head-turner! Thank's RS4!

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  • Nice story mate, i can feel with you, Had nearly the same situation like you. Mine also has around 600bhp. Engine in and out around 3 times in the past 3 years ;)

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