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Living With a DC Modified Toyota Innova

Yes. I Have a Toyota Innova that is modified by DC to the point That Now its a Moving Lounge

Brief Explanation of this Not-So Brief Car...

The car I will be talking about is essentially a 2012 Toyota Innova, A Seven Seater Family MUV, Modified in the Interior by Dilip Chhabria, who is an Indian Designer and founder of DC Design. From the exterior and in performance its essentially any other 2012 Innova, Maybe slightly worse in performance because there is an extra added weight of the Interior which I will come to. The 7 Seater format has been changed to a 4 seater with the main focus being Luxury. I have to hand it to you, This car is somewhat of a Rolls Royce on a Budget if we talk about the Interior specifically. Seeing one is rare, Sitting in one is a delight but OWNING AND LIVING WITH THIS CAR, well that's a totally different story.

The Interior. There is a lot to say

A regular Innova has a 7 Seat Format, 2 In the front, 3 in the Middle and 2 at the back. This Format fitted in a Giant Japanese MUV makes for the perfect family car, Hence the Interior is not luxurious and is mainly "doable" at best. Enter Dilip Chhabria, DC Designs and their Crazy Works. The 3 middle seats and 2 back seats are stripped off and whats remaining is 2 front seats and an area as large as the Pacific Ocean. So What to do here? Simple. Make a Barrier between the Driver and the Passenger. The Middle of the car is sealed shut with 2 Sections of the car, The Non Luxurious Innova-y Driver Section and a Luxurious DC Passenger Section. The Passenger Section is the main focus of this car as it revolves around the Chauffeur-Boss System. The Barrier itself gets fitted with Goodies, 2 retractable Cup Holders and Tray like those in a business class flight, 2 Charging Points and no not the car chargers, REAL ADAPTER WORTHY CHARGING POINTS. It also has a Drawer, A Mini Fridge and a Samsung TV. The TV is used to display the front of the car, to show the passenger where the driver is taking them through a camera attached in the front. However This does not mean you cannot watch an episode of The Office USA on your way to your Meeting. Lets Go Ironically Past the Barrier. In front of the TV Screen You will Find 2 Uber Luxurious Lounge Seats, With the Arm Rests, The Head Rests, The foot Rests......The Rests. They Can Recline to the point your Back can both Give-Out and Give-In and are perfect for on the go power naps. The car also comes equipped with a menu of buttons on the sides and mid-ceiling of each seat that perform various tasks like turning on the front camera, switching on and off the light system in the car, reclining and tuning the seat as per your choice and other various wizardry. There is even a Push to talk Microphone on both sides to talk in between the barriers. The Speakers are not branded, But they are definitely a notch up from your regular car speakers. The Boot is slightly smaller, But this car is for your Businessman, Not An Adrenaline Junkie. Overall, This is quite a sight to Behold.

Mods? Means You Got a bumped up Performance right? Oh....

Stereotypical. No not all mods are Performance based, Specially not the ones i have on this Innova. The Engine, Gearbox, Body Kit etc. are all the same from the Standard 2012 Innova. This Means that not only does it has the same power output, Its actually Slower due to all the added weight. This means it accelerates slower and cannot hit the same top speed as a Regular Innova that rolled out the showroom in 2012. It has 2.4L Inline 4 that cranks out 100 bhp. No high numbers but you really don't want to hit the track with this car. The Car However Is Fairly sturdy and wont topple over unless you go berserk. The Car Feels smooth even 8 years after its purchase, Feels like it could have received more power but still seems manageable. Despite all the weight the Gearbox works perfect and the turning circle is not large, rather the steering feels light and nimble but at times goes numb. Not good for off roading but can handle slightly rough terrain with minimal risks and issues.

I Want One Now, How Much and what all work goes in it?

Despite how Swanky Sweet this car may be, and no matter how much emphasis I put on it being a Cheap Rolls Royce, It does have a Cost. Due to the 10 year rule in India, The 2016 model Innova, The Crysta, Seems like the best buy you can get. It will set You back around 14 to 18 lakh INR. Adding the cost of the DC Modification of about 5 to 6 Lakh INR and you could be looking at a total cost of 19 to 24 Lakh INR. This however is just the base cost. A car like this needs major maintenance. The Toyota Parts may not be needing looking after that much but the whole DC Ensemble needs its own servicing. From the Electrics to the Mechanics, The complex system needs to be fixed up every 1 or 2 months. Ignore that and you will see parts falling apart within a year. The Car Needs to be cared like you would care for your Rolls Royce because in essence every luxury car needs babysitting. Now add the extra cost, The Driver. No Sane man would buy this car to Drive it and thus you would need a driver to get this thing working. That itself has its own cost. Pricey isn't it? Well if you want the Luxuries you need to pay for them, And the Car will do its duty as it's masters asks for.


This Car Enhances the Chauffeur-Boss Relationship, Where you as a boss sits all relaxed at the back and let the Driver take you to your desired destination. This Basically lets you to take a brake from driving lets you just enjoy the Drive, Or get work done on the go. Yes, Getting this car and adding all the additional costs makes it Pricey but I will say it again, Luxuries come at a cost. Now you would be asking "Why Would anyone buy a car they have no fun driving it?" The answer is simple, There is a Market for everything. There is a Market for an Italian Supercar, A British GT, A German Saloon, An American Muscle and Even A Japanese Modified Moving Lounge. I Mean if there is a Market for Pickup Trucks there is definitely even a market for Ride-able Sneaker Wearing Cowboy Ostriches. In all sense what i am trying to say is that, If you want to relax and literally feel like a million bucks while you are en route to crack a deal with a Giant Firm, Then this car is for you. But if you want to feel like a Million Bucks Regardless And if you have the Money for it, Then this car is also for you.

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