Living with a modified car

2y ago


We all remember it, the time we started to involve ourselves in the modified car scene, weather it be all out race car bro or hella flush stance. I remember buying my first car as will everybody, it was a 1985 Austin Mini Mayfair, in no way was it standard but I loved it! slaved my ass of in a part time job at McDonalds at the age of 17 and finally summoned up the money to buy it.

It didn't take long thinking I was Lewis Hamilton to ditch the old car in the worst possible fashion imaginable, a measly 3 months later and she was being reused to produce cans of tuna. However, it was too late, the rot had firmly settled in and I was on the hunt for something else, although this time, I wanted to try using a spanner and build my own.


Many months, no, Years! went by and I hadn't both had the money nor time to find a project car, finally though I found what I was after and not only was it once again somewhat a classic, but it was instead RWD, Japanese and convertible... roll on the hairdresser comments.

chop chop

The MK1 Mazda MX5, great car, and I will never forget it, infact its definitely one of, if not the best car ive owned to date, I took this car from strength to strength, first with small modifications to make the car look less hairdressy (if you can do that) and then the following year I bought a second commuter car and began my biggest project yet. TURBO TIME.... over around 4 months I had managed to take her from a meesly 110bhp to 235whp, she was a complete weapon on the road causing much upset to the higher powered motors on the road today. But like everything, times change and we want more.

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Let the turbo addiction begin!

The MX5 like most had a tendency to erm well.... RUST, a lot. In fact it rusted that much underneath that one day without realising the whole of the rear of the car pretty much broke free and decided it wanted to take on the roll of transformer, therefore she was stripped into parts and scrapped, I then bought a house and said ill never own another modified car. Waste of money, Waste of time and I need to grow up! Hmmmmmm didn't last long.

bought a rotary to strat financially stable said no one ever

YEP, no longer had it taken us to move into our first house I bought this, by this I mean a car that not only has a tendency to break a lot, but likes a new engine once or twice a year (supposedly) but god, you only live once and seen as I loved the MX5 so much its older brother must be even better!.... And how right was I, it is an amazing machine, although ive only owned the car for around 8 months, I haven't had to rebuild the engine and actually, they don't use as much oil as people make out, fuel, yes they use a lot of that and I mean a bloody lot, but that's to be expected from a 400hp car isn't it?

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This car is defiantly the furthest I've ever dared to go with a car, it might not seem like far for some but for me it really is, and I believe she looks and drives better than she ever did those all so many 22 years ago, a single turbo conversion with just the right amount of lag to then hurtle you into space and a noise to die for! whats not to love.

Japshoe Finale 2016

So to round it off, living with a modified car isn't always great, it has its ups and downs like everything else in life. I think its just that the ups cant be replicated anywhere else. I sometimes say I hate my car.... but deep down I know I couldn't live without it!


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