Living With An Electric Car For Six Months Changed My Mind

2w ago


Living with an electric car for six months changed my mind about how I feel about them. I have range anxiety. When you're driving a Nissan Leaf, it has the equivalent energy in the battery pack of less than two gallons of gasoline. That not only tells you how energy dense gasoline is, but also how wildly efficient electric cars are, as the Leaf gets 150 miles on the equivalent of 1.2 gallons of gas.

And while the benefits of electric cars are clear, for example instant torque, quiet ride, low CG, and much more emissions friendly, they do come with lower range and longer recharging times versus filling a gasoline tank. So after living with a 151 mile range Nissan Leaf for 6 months, how do I now feel about EVs? Quite different, actually. Check out the video for full details!

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  • I still keep to my diesel as I do 480 miles a week so a electric car is no good to me

    2 days ago
  • It isn't necessarily the range that is the problem it is the fact that it takes over 12 hours to charge the battery which makes long trips much longer.

    8 days ago


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