This is my first article as a "car journalist"(if I qualify after writing just one article) so please forgive me for any inconvenience caused while reading this.

I have been using my 1.5 Petrol AT Ciaz since the past 11 months now; and I have mixed feelings!


1. The cabin space is absolutely amazing, I can literally fit a bull inside it, five 6 footers can fit easily and still won't complain about the legroom, its like being driven around in your living room.
2. The suspension; it eats up potholes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The ride is sublime and comfortable.
3. The engine is smooth, noise free, very efficient (12-13Kmpl in the city) and just enough power is available when needed, not for thrashing it around though.

1. No cooled glove box; even the basic cars have this now! Maruti please listen.
2. I'm nitpicking here, but the horn is a single one, it sounds like a 2 wheeler! I had to get it changed.
3. The HID's aren't powerful enough, they are bright when the outside light is low, but is nearly invisible under direct streetlights. I'm assuming the lumens are lesser because of the price?
4. Why can't we have black interiors any more? The beige interiors get dirty too easily.
5. The auto gear box, its slow, takes a lot of time to pick up from 0, upshifts are ok, but the biggest problem; the gears shifts are inline, either you'll have to look up at the digital display or look down at the leaver to see which gear you are in.
5. Lastly, Maruti Suzuki is unable to decide the standard features on the different trims of cars for e.g. Baleno has tinted glasses for its top end variant, but the Ciaz which is 3-4 lacs more expensive doesn't have this feature?! Another example the new Ertiga has cooled cup holders, but other cars don't?!! MARUTI HAS TO STANDARDIZE THE FEATURES!!!

This car has the worst build quality that I have ever seen in any car. The doors are lighter than a small bundle of newspapers, a gush of wind tends to dent the panels. I know Maruti claims the new panels are "state of the art" give good protection etc but still, I would be a little more comfortable with better qualuty panels.

So to sum up a Good car indeed, any person applying logic to all aspects for buying a car will love it, but the Schumacher inside you will be disappointed.