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Imagine for a moment only pure perfection matters. Imagine for a moment you would refuse to drive a 458 because it has traction control and power steering. Can you imagine what that feels like? Sometimes I wake up and look at the engines literally sitting on my Marshall amplifier (where else am I going to put them? The garage? I am not an animal) and wonder what am I am doing with my life. This is the pain I live with every day. For me driving purity is of the absolute importance, otherwise I may as well load up my PC and play Assetto Corsa all day. Instead I only do that most days, but not all.

The side pods are overkill, I know.

The side pods are overkill, I know.

For those who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, and that will be most of you, I am a 100cc karter. All I have at my disposal is a 100cc direct drive engine and a tubular chassis with 4 tyres and one disc brake. No clutch and no fancy electronics. All I have is a cable that goes from my throttle to a butterfly carb that is fitted to the engine. There is absolutely NOTHING on my kart that interferes with the driving experience. This really is as good as it gets. There are no differentials, no fancy suspension settings, in fact there is no suspension. You feel everything. We're also singing all the way to 20,000rpm. It doens't get better.

Weclome to the life of the purist - head down, pondering whether it really matters.

Weclome to the life of the purist - head down, pondering whether it really matters.

Don't get mistaken, this isn't general karting. This is a niche within a niche. Over time karting has moved away from its roots and become more complex. But oh my how it eats away at you. This is my life, this is who I am and when it bites you, it bites you hard and you are left wondering why, sitting at the end of the circuit looking at your boots. Why am I like this? I know why, because it's the right way to be, by oh my it hurts. Nothing is worthwhile unless its the perfect driving experience. Don't be like me. Please, for your own sanity.

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