Living with the r3

From twisties to freeways...

I've been a proud owner of the Yamaha R3 "Elly" since 2015. As a new rider she has been forgiving and easy to ride. Two years later I find my self still loving this bike! There's nothing like the R3 when on the twisties or squeezing between cars with inches to spare.

About the 2015 R3, she has a 321cc engine, taps out at 110mph (I've tried to go 111, it just doesn't!), The body is very light weight and easy to throw around. Recently upgraded the brake lines and tires. Both have made a huge difference in how I ride and feel. The Dunlop GPR300 tires are excellent, in fact I had to re-learn the bike. Unlike the terrible stock tires I feel confident that my tires will keep me safe -- and they do! The Galfer steel brake lines stop the bike! My next upgrade will be new brake pads. I'll write about those when I get them on.

On the twisties -- this bike was made for twisties. I don't care what your experience level is, you will smile riding an R3! She sounds great, feels great and rides great! As long as you upgrade the tires and brakes out of the box, you too can experience the joy of riding.

On the freeway, the bike is small and nimble. I commute daily to work, needles to say Los Angeles traffic is terrible. But not for me! I ride the gauntlet each day with a huge smile -- almost smug like. It's an adventure not for the faint hearted. I've had a few close calls, sometimes finding my self within inches of semi-trucks or other cars. Going to work is something I look forward too! On those rare occasions when traffic is light I can open on the throttle and enjoy the thrill of speed.

Now in the speed department the R3 is almost laughable, she max's out at 110mph. But getting there is fun -- gear changes are a must! She is comfortable travelling at 85 -90mph, no vibrations, engine stress. As a daily commuter she is perfect. Great on gas too!

I would love to keep my R3, besides being a great bike, she is also my first! My first love in many ways. Next year I will be getting the Bonneville Bobber, I will have mixed feelings at first. Who knows maybe financially I will work something out and find a way to have both. My dream would be to convert my R3 into a pure track bike...

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