Loan with guarantee

This is an article that originally was on a Washington news section. #cars #ferrari

“An Italian man goes in a New York bank and asks to speak to a lender employee. He says to the employee that he has to go to Italy for two weeks and needs a $ 5,000 loan.The employee tells him that the bank requires some forms of collateral loan guarantee to grant a loan. So the Italian man pulls out the keys of a new Ferrari. The car is parked in the street in front of the bank. The Italian man also delivers the vehicle registration certificate and the car insurance documents. The employee agrees to receive the car as a collateral loan guarantee. The bank president and his employees have a laugh behind the  Italian man who uses a $ 250,000 Ferrari as a $ 5,000 loan guarantee.A bank employee goes to the Ferrari and parks it in the underground garage of the bank. Two weeks later the Italian man returns, gives back $ 5,000 and pays interest of $ 15 and 41 cents. The usual employee asks him:- Dear Sir,we are really pleased to have it as a customer, and this operation has gone very well, but we have to apologize: we are a little confused. We took some information about you and realized that you were a multimillionaire who certainly had not need such a lenient loan and we wonder why it has been so well paid to provide such a high guarantee for such amount of money.- The Italian man replies:- For you, where can I find a place in New York for two weeks where to park my Ferrari for only $ 15 and 41 cents and to be sure to find it on my return?-”

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