Local councils to install 35 EV chargers each by 2025

374 out of 400 councils in UK are planning to install public EV chargers.

There are currently only 7,682 public EV charging stations installed throughout the entirety of UK; the current project will expand that number to almost 17,000. This is still short of the 30,000 charging stations that the government needs to build if it wants to be prepared for the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars.

There has also been a significant amount of disparity between the regions, as south of England plans to install 2.5 more public chargers that in Northern England, the Midlands, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined.

The lack of charging stations are undoubtedly a massive problem for the government's policy of complete electrification, as evidenced by a recent poll conducted by Centrica (owner of British Gas) which polled 2000 UK drivers. One of the evaluations of the polls was that of the people who said that they would not buy an EV, 49% would not do it because of the lack of charging points in their area.

Therefore, I think the government should look into what regions have the least amount of charging stations, and focus on expanding the charging network there in order to convince more people in that region to purchase EVs.

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