- 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    Local Man Buys A Track-Ready Z06 For A Bargain

    I met a man somewhere who bought a Corvette not too long ago and he allowed me to go for a ride and drive this modified Z06. Here are my thoughts.

    For me, I have always had a soft spot for the 6th-generation (C6) Chevrolet Corvette Z06. So, when a local man I met at a location I go to frequently we started chatting about cars. Eventually, he told me he had just purchased a 2008 Z06 that was modified. I was in awe when he told me about this and he agreed to allow me to check it out. Over the weekend I finally got to see it in the flesh and this is how it went.

    Exterior Styling

    "...allow better airflow..."

    Corvettes have always been designed with beauty in mind. And if you want to give a few exceptions, then so be it. The C6 Z06 comes with already functioning vents for the wheels. What was added on to this beautiful looking car is an aftermarket carbon-fiber spoiler and a properly functioning hood to allow better airflow for engine performance and aerodynamics. What isn't on this Z06 at the moment is the front splitter for better downforce. One more thing to add is the painted wheels that are the icing on the cake of the styling of this C6. Regardless, this Z06 looks a Hell of a lot better with the little bit of difference.

    Interior Design

    "...looks great mixed..."

    The interior of this modified C6 has been given the interior of a 2012 centennial edition trim Corvette that celebrates Chevrolet's racing-bred foundation. With that, a pair of race seats were added for being built as a track car. The original seats came with the Corvette with the purchase and are going to be installed later since they're bolted directly to the floor. While riding, the seat on the passenger side gave much space and legroom like a normal car. The driver seat, since it is placed for the driver, made me feel like I was in a booster seat with not a whole lot of space to move about, but that's completely alright. The trim looks great mixed with the Alcantara stitched steering wheel and gear knob. The one thing that shows the C6's age is the heads-up display. The digital screen that is shown, and yes it can change based on driver mode or preferences reminds me of an old alarm clock mostly seen in movies in the past.

    Purchase Price and What Came With The Z06

    How much did my new friend pay for this C6 Z06? Well, to be considered a bargain, one must look at how much one of these went for new and what they go for now, and how much money was put into this. A brand new Z06 from 2008 started at just over $70,000. A great condition Z06 now goes for around $40,000 with the low miles. From what the gentleman said about how much was put in this Z06 to make it a full track car was estimated at around $60,000. So, the value would be around a total of $100,000. He bought this Corvette with everything in it and then some for a mere $30,000. What a steal! The list of modifications includes Kirkey racing seats, custom roll bar, Schroth harness, Bilstein coil-overs, RPM transmission, carbon-fiber drive-shaft, steel SFI bell housing, heat-wrapped headers, carbon fiber rear spoiler, Katech splitter and undertray, Fast intake, Pfadt sway bars, Brembo front brakes, Refreshened LS7, Stage 4 RPM transmission, line lock, RPM differential stage 4, Katech Red oil pump, Katech crankshaft sprocket, World Challenged Louvred advanced hood, composite products, twin-disk ZR1 clutch, 100mm throttle body, upgraded fuel rails, upgraded injectors, performance camshaft, and a tune.


    "...a capable track..."

    The modified LS7 under the hood of the Z06 has been tuned to a whopping 700 horsepower. Funny enough, on a good day, I was told the Z06 will get around 20 plus miles to the gallon. Acceleration in this beast of a car is lightning fast with the exhaust note booming like Mount Olympus was exploding. Thunderous to be exact. Gear changes are short and quick like a person who can get straight to the point. Tires spin all the way up into third gear or nearly 100 miles an hour. With the upgraded suspension, every bump or rock can be felt while driving, but it isn't necessarily uncomfortable. Plus, it corners gracefully. To get to the point, this Z06 is more than a capable track weapon. It's an overkill machine that needs to be tamed.

    I would like to take a moment and thank the gentleman, Harold, for allowing me the opportunity to get to know his Z06.

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    Comments (16)

    • Great write up as always Charles. This is a steal! Building that monster was not cheap. I would drive the ever loving snot out of this thing and love every minute for that price. Not even a fan of this gen but I would gladly rock this whip. GRIN MACHINE!

        28 days ago
    • I crew for a SCCA C5 Z06 and we broke a track record with Stock motor, suspension, exhaust and transmission. These things are a track beast rite out of the box.

        20 days ago
    • I’m a huge fan of the C6 Z06 and ZR1. They’re cut and dry, no frills, just motor, big tires and seats!

        26 days ago
    • I love this website. You know your stuff

        27 days ago
    • Awesome. All the after market parts and labor amounts to about 30 to 65 grand alone.

        27 days ago


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