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Lockdowns got me going trucking insane! get me to a show!

What events are you hoping to make it to this year?

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33w ago

Okay so the chance of a holiday abroad isn't looking too great this summer which means I'll probably be moving my holiday in June to later in the year if not next year, I'm not crying honestly. So with that out the window I'm hoping begging and praying to the motoring gods above that I can at least escape the monotony of the work home sleep repeat cycle that's got me going stir crazy I tell ya STIR CRAZY!

There's a number of events I'm hoping to get to this year starting with the festival of power at Santa pod in April but the main one for me being a truck mechanic and admirer is truckfest, where it seems only the most over the top Scanias need apply. Outrageous paint jobs and more lights than the sky has stars and don't forget the chrome *shudders* oh so much chrome! While it might look okay...ish it makes for a mechanics nightmare. you might be getting the feeling I'm not keen on Scanias and you'd be correct there but its actually the drivers who bug me more (not all of you, just most of you) the amount of times iv heard don't scratch my chrome makes me want to take a scouring pad to it but anyway this topic is maybe best suited for another time.

CREDIT: Russell Davies Flickr

CREDIT: Russell Davies Flickr

I know I'm not the only one who cant wait to get out and smell the addictive smell of burning rubber and donuts! take some cool photos and brag about my kick ass day on DriveTribe. so lets get lockdown lifted and scratch that itch. I would love to know what event your all hoping to get to this year and who knows maybe we could all meet up and have a nice refreshing beer and toast to good times ahead. I'll certainly drink to that. So whether its drift drag or drone racing let me know in the comments what's the first show you'll be hitting up this year?

source: Flickr

source: Flickr

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