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Logitech G923 review: What is TrueForce and is it good?

May the Logitech G923 TrueForce be with you. Or something. Here's my review of the budget-ish steering wheel for PC, PS4 and Xbox.

43w ago

Since the world went a bit weird, sim racing has become even more popular and one of the more affordable ways to get into it was by purchasing the Logitech G29 (PlayStation) and G920 (Xbox and PC) steering wheel.

The shiny new replacement, known as the G923, inherits all the best bits from the G29 (rev counter, rotary selection wheel) and adds a few new features, including a revised brake pedal and a new force feedback system known as TrueForce.

It's anything but a radical departure from its predecessors. The buttons are the same, the materials are the same, the dimensions are the same, the quality is the same, its gear-driven design is the same.

But the addition of the TrueForce force feedback system makes it a notably different beast when playing a game that supports it. So far, that's Assetto Corsa Competizione, F1 2020, Grid and, unofficially, iRacing on PC (the subscription-based racer), but more are being added.

Basically, it reads the in-game sounds and physics information and converts it into more detailed and faster-to-adapt force feedback that is felt in the steering wheel. So, in theory, you have more feeling of what a car is doing as you race along.

The other biggest change is the replacement of a rubber block (which I pronounce as 'blotch' in the video, I really need to stop drinking before lunch) beneath the brake pedal. It's now a progressive spring that's definitely more springy.

All of that and something called Closed-Loop Motor Control, the third biggest change over its G29 and G920 predecessors, are discussed in my Logitech G923 review. So give it a watch and, hell, maybe even give it a like. Okay, let's not go too far.

The Logitech G923 costs £350 or US$400 and is available to order now. Deliveries should start before the end of August 2020. While the design is the same for both PC, Xbox and PlayStation, you still need to pick the right version so you get the right buttons.

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Comments (5)

  • So, it's pretty much what the G920/G29 should have been from the start! Same design and all, but little improvements that get it closer to other more modern and more expensive wheels. I wish I could change my G920 for this, but I'm sure this thing is gonna be expensive as hell here haha.

      10 months ago
  • Yawn... bored old bloke thinking of boiling the kettle for a cuppa thought.

      10 months ago
  • Noooooo... you’re telling me I just bought a G920 and a new one is coming out!

      10 months ago
    • Sorry to be the bringer of bad news. Although maybe you got a good price on the G920.

        10 months ago