- MINI R60 JCW Paceman on the Lohen Dyno

Lohen's October 2017 Dyno Day

With 15 MINIs on the dyno, we saw lots of different shapes and sizes, we had a R55 running NOS, a turbo charged R53 and a lovely rare JCW Countryman.

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A breif timelapse of half of the MINI dyno day

Last weekend we hosted our October Dyno Day which saw the competition for the top spot on our Dyno Leader board heat up, as the winner gets the ultimate bragging rights.

After you saved me with a much needed part late in the day friday i came to my first dyno event. It was awesome, Thankyou for giving back in such a fun way.


The day started with an awesome stage 2 MINI R56 on the dyno sporting some stylish OZ Formula HLT wheels. These generation 2 MINI's with the right modifications can make more than 270bhp.

Next we had a slew of R53 Cooper S MINIs that all made upwards of 200bhp. One highlight from all the R53 MINI's we had on our dyno was a home made turbo converted R53 that made 418bhp. This was still not running at full boost due to a few problems he had on the day so could have made even more! When this MINI's turbo kicked in the sound was deafening, almost the same as a jet engined plane taking off. Video of this can be found on our Instagram page.

Another highlight from the day was a very unique R55 that not only had a forged engine, but also a NOS kit installed. With potential to make over 300bhp we were very excited about this dyno run, but sadly due to a NOS leak it did make the power the owner wanted.

A clear day meant that we could get the BBQ up and running, and that some good quality grub could be enjoyed in the company of some great people whilst surrounded by some great cars. In the workshop our track car Polar Bear was on display, after having a new set of Newman Cams installed and going through some further testing, she is now ready for the Final Round of the Time Attack UK Championships which is taking place on the 15th October.

Although some of our team were busy strapping cars down ready for their power runs, other members were available to take questions. Lohen would like to thank everyone that came out and enjoyed the event, and we hope to see you all next time.

Check out the video and the photos attached to this post to see what a you can expect from a Lohen Dyno Day, you can find all the information about other events we are attending on social media.

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