London's spectacular 174-car summer barn find has been valued at just £1 million

That doesn't seem like much for 174, does it?

1w ago

A couple of weeks ago, the car-side of the internet went absolutely bonkers for one particular London barn find that had 174 (the video says 175, but the official count is one less) cars on offer. All of these cars were to be auctioned off last week, but the grand total is less than people expected.

The warehouse containing these weird and wonderful cars is located in Tottenham, North London and was discovered because the local council is claiming the warehouse back from the owner of all these cars.

As this is a barn find, you can't expect every single vehicle to be in perfect condition, but when London Barn Finds went to check it out and auction them off, they reported back saying every single car started and ran.

Some of the cars located in this collection include old VW campervans, Porsche 911s, BMW 2002s, VW Beetles, Triumphs, Land Rovers etc. It really is a wide range of cars, but they don't seem to be worth all that much. In fact, the cheapest car there reportedly sold for just £100.

When the collection was valued as a whole, its total value lay at just a smidge over £1 million, which when you think about it, really isn't all that much at all when you consider just how many vehicles are lying about. Still, if you want a bargain, maybe this collection is for you?

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Comments (7)

  • Depends what’s there. I’m sure a few are scrap value only

      10 days ago
  • Not sure if there are more cars than bird poo

      7 days ago
  • The majority of them are Mercs, BMWs, VWs and MGs which in project form, are worth far less than £10k individually. So, the valuation makes more sense than none.

      10 days ago
  • Just watched the video again. E Reg M3, that’s 1985, on the windscreen it said £10k. Are they having a laugh?

    That Merc with £16k on it, they have got to be taking the piss

      5 days ago
  • I’d take it all as a job lot for a mill. There’d be a margin in it.

      6 days ago