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Long live the king.....of memes

Can Lando Norris bring new eyes to Formula One?

1y ago

The starting grid for any given Formula One race this year is young, with the likes of Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc leading the youth charge. However there seems to be someone, who is not only popular in the paddock but also on social media. That someone is Lando Norris. Watch any interview with this young man and its easy to see why he is so liked. On top of being a fun personality in the pits, he carries quite a reputation in the digital world as well. Known for posting hilarious memes to twitter, and the always funny live stream on his twitch channel. Is he doing more for Formula One than he realizes?

In the age of social media, where everyone has access to everyone else, Lando Norris seems to embrace this better than most on the grid. Whether its sharing a fan tweet, or simply replying to one, Lando has found a great way to engage his fan base. This type of interaction is a great image boost for Mr. Norris.

Picture this, you are a fan of someone famous, you tweet at them, and they actually respond back! Now for the famous person this is nothing but a simple reply, but for the fan it could mean the world. That interaction will help spread the word on how awesome that person with the blue check mark beside their name is, thereby helping that person gain even more followers to engage with. Lando Norris is a real world example of this, tweeting and liking his fans tweets all the time.

Take it a step further, Lando has embraced live streaming video games such as PUB G (Player Unknown's Battleground) and a varity of driving simulators. While playing and streaming, he has a separate monitor with his chat scrolling. Norris is able to read and respond, in real time, to questions or anything else his viewers send his way. This is a perfect way for a F1 fan in small town Mexico or a big city in Europe to connect with a professional racing driver on a more personal level. Sure a signed hat ordered online is great, but asking a question and having a F1 driver respond as if you called them on the phone is priceless to some fans. Imagine in 1989, having the ability to ring up Ayrton Senna just to ask if he enjoys strawberry ice cream over vanilla. This may sound trivial to some, but to the younger generation coming up its what they know best.

Lando is occasionally joined by another young star, Max Verstappen, which leads to some seriously funny moments, all for the enjoyment of their viewers. This type of interaction gives a personal peak into a friendship between two rivals on track, something fans of old could have only imagined.

Through his use of memes, gifs, YouTube videos, and live streams, Lando Norris is reaching out to the younger generation in a way they know and understand. Could this type of relationship with the younger generation help Formula One drivers seem more like a average young adult with a crazy job? Using the same memes, apps, language and humor could be the key to bringing in the next generation of fans to the sport we all love!

The times they are a changing and Lando Norris has found a awesome way to stay ahead of the curve. The digital age is all about speed and who would know more about that subject than a Formula One driver? I say keep on tweeting, laughing, streaming and enjoying life. ALL HAIL THE KING...OF MEMES!! Long may he reign!

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Comments (8)

  • Lando and Carlos make F1 fun. Great article Josh!

      1 year ago
  • Lando, future f1 world champ

      1 year ago
  • He is the Shaqel O’Neal (former NBA Player who is big and funny) of F1

      1 year ago
  • Don't forget about FIFA matches with Carlos SAINZ

      1 year ago
    • Look up “Trolling Lando Norris” on Youtube. The PUBG clip is hilarious 😂

        1 year ago
  • I say Leclerc wins one first then Lando. I just hope McLaren can become competitive or Lando leaves and goes to Mercedes when Hamilton retires

      1 year ago