Look at my Rice: Portugal Edition

Recently while i was searching cars in a selling and buying cars website, i found a couple of cars that were a bit...you ricey, ugly wheels, big spoilers (or in case of the photo above a tiny wing, but still ricey) , "bodykits" and other rice stuff that wannabe tuners boys do to their cars. For me that's ok because is their car and they do what they want to do, but men trying to make your 1.4 liter engine "sound like a Ferrari" with a massive exhaust tip, it simply won't work. So if you want to make modifications on your car, first you will need to modify the engine then you can work around the car, doing exhaust system, suspension, tyres and the most important one brakes (you know why so i don't need to tell you).

Now let me show you some cars that i found on some of the finest car buying and selling websites in Portugal. Here you going to see some popular choices for rice in Portugal such as Peugeot's, Seat's, Honda's and even BMW's.

Just look at those wheels, they look like someone took a silver spray can and painted silver stripes on black wheels. ( I blurred some parts of the photo because it had some of the website watermarks, maybe some other photos i may do the same.)

What a surprise a Peugeot in a talk about rice! No, this is not just a sticker bomb car (honestly, i'm not that fan of this styling for a car, but it was the car owner choice.) is a rice car it even came with a "sound system" in the boot.

Hah! You didn't expected this a BMW E36 318 TDS with a dual exit exhaust,black spray paint on stock wheels and it even as a little headlight eyelids (don't get me wrong some cars i do like them in but not this one).

Poor car, he look's like is tired of something or that is bored. That's why i don't like this "modification" in this car.

But you may think that i'm being to extreme with the bimmer or that for you it isn't rice, but i only pointed out some things that i think that are not nice in that car. So now i will show one top class riced out car in my country, i know maybe is not a riced out car like you see on youtube our even in google, but still a great example of a rice car.

This is a Citroën Saxo Cup, did you see why it is rice...no, you didn't see! Really? So let me start by saying why those wheels they are horrible and in top of that they are chrome wheels...in a Citroën Saxo really? Oh! By the way that bodykit is pure Need For Speed Underground 2 style (i like the game, i only mentioned the game, because it reminded me about some bodykits that were in there) and that massive exhaust tip just to make a even more horrible noise, just imagine this car pass near you, you would need some kind of ear protection to not hear that 1.6 liter screaming in agony.

Now i will end this article about rice cars, i hope you enjoyed seeing some examples of rice cars in Portugal, maybe next time i will make an article about tuner cars in Portugal (if i find any of those for sell).