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The Design Museum is marking Ferrari's 70th anniversary with a look at the prancing horse's speed-obsessed history. The exhibition is made up of £140 million of Ferraris, memorabilia (including Enzo Ferrari's driving licence), rarely seen artefacts, personal letters and photography from the marque's history.

For die hard fans of Ferrari, there isn't anything in the exhibition that will come as a surprise. It starts with a good long look at the man himself and focuses on how the business success of Ferrari was a result of his obsession with keeping Scuderia Ferrari moving. Moving along, the exhibition lifts the curtain on Ferrari's design process. Scale models used in wind tunnels, early wooden master models and an original 1:1 scale hand-crafted clay design model of the J50 give a glimpse into how form and function are married in the marque's design.

No look show about Ferrari would be complete without dropping some pretty heavy names with a tremendous clang. Ferrari as a marque has always been associated with the glitterati, the very talented and the extremely wealthy - photography of Peter Sells, Bridget Bardot and Clint Eastwood with their whips complement the cars displayed that have notable owners; Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason's F40 sits prettily alongside a 166MM owned by the head of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli, and British racing driver Peter Collins' GT Cabriolet and the exhibition is finished with a LaFerrari Aperta owned by Gordon Ramsey.

But, really, who goes to a museum to learn? The experience of the exhibition is perfection. It's been noted that the cars that have come over from the Ferrari museum are displayed better here than they are in their own stable (sorry, Maranello). The cars have been perfectly lit and the exceptional examples raised to eye height for maximum viewing pleasure. The only downside will be that the popularity of the exhibition will draw the hoards, but what did you expect? Be prepared to have your insta feed full of Ferraris partially obscured by drooling petrolheads.

Ferrari: Under the Skin runs from 15 November 2017 until 15 April 2018 at the Design Museum in London. Tickets are available herehttps://designmuseum.org/exhibitions/ferrari-under-the-skin

Photography by Florence Walker - follow her on Instagram and join her tribe Florence and the Machines

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  • Fantastic, that's a long run for an exhibit. I can still make it!

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