- The Famous Le Mans Winning Audi R8

If any of you have read my posts previously you would be aware I do a little bit of photography more as hobby, but I do want to push myself to cover events properly rather than a spectator.

Local Events

I am fortunate enough to live 30 minutes away from one of the national hill climb events. Wiscombe Park Hill Climb is a fantastic event, really welcoming and relaxed venue, with a huge variety of 4 wheel and two wheel action. One event I particular enjoyed this year was the Lombard Rally which came through Wiscombe seeing some legends of the era coming up the hill. Great news that it will be running again next year.

Another great event was the Vintage Sports Car Club event at Wiscombe with cars going back to pre war era to the 1960's. As show below.

A Little Further A Field

Another circuit that I occasionally attend is Castle Combe. Again I really like this track, one of the fastest in the country and to me it should be used for larger events. Here I managed to capture some two wheel action which was new to me for photography and also not forgetting the side cars.

Vive La France

Now for me the highlight of the year was going to the Classic Le Mans. I am surprised I did not break my camera with the amount of pictures I took, but this was not all about the pictures for me. The atmosphere, the event, and the amazing cars on show made it into an absolute amazing long weekend away. If you have not gone before I urge you to, waking up to the sound of the Group C's thundering round Porsche Curves, or sitting on the banks with a beer with the sound track of half a dozen Ford GT40'S roaring around the track. Nothing better in my mind.

What's next for me?

Well any of you that are into photography will probably laugh when I say the camera I used which was a Canon 1000D. Not the best, but you have to start somewhere, right? Well I have already bought myself a new camera. So that means I better use it. I will be trying to go to more events next year. Staying local at Wiscombe but also going to more circuits around the country. On my bucket list is Spa. I hope one day to be able to get media access, but who knows what this year has install.

As always feedback is welcome on my photos.

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