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There’s one thing I find extremely important in a car, as do many of you I’m sure, and that is the way a car looks, both inside and out. If a car is powerful, aerodynamic, and extremely fast, yet it is ugly, why buy it? Sometimes we forget the true value of styling.

So what are the key features that make a car beautiful - make it all aesthetically work?

Firstly, there’s the front, which is so important because it’s really the face. You need to match the front of the car with the personality of the car. If the car is supposed to be angry, then make sure that the front isn’t like that of a Volkswagen Beetle. If your car is a big, chunky, muscle car, don’t make it like a Lamborghini Aventador. And there’s the small details, like the grille, something the old model of the Chrysler 300 was clearly lacking. Not to mention the headlights and vents.

Possibly one of the best fronts ever. (netcarshow.com)

Then, there’s the sides and the rear. This is particularly important for when you are overtaking someone and you want them to see how brilliant the thing that’s vanquished them looks. And when you own a sports car, and will frequently be overtaking people, this is going to be all the more important.

The side is the angle at which people see you when driving past. The sides need to be aerodynamic, as they allow the air to flow in various directions, which of course is key to many aspects of the car’s performance.

Many supercars have a very tall rear end of the car, as that is where the engine is located. However, all you really need at the back is nice taillights, a good shape which suits the rest of the car body, a nice exhaust, and a good rear bumper. Once you have this, people no longer care if you overtake them, rather, they want you to.

The interior can’t be overlooked either. Well, firstly, for the obvious reason of comfort. You don’t exactly want to drive around in old plastic covered interior and uncomfortable synthetic seats. Next, because the interior is essential to the driving experience of the car. In the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, the fact that they stripped the interior of all sources of comfort not only saves weight, but makes for an unforgettably thrilling driving experience. Whereas in the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the opulence and screens make for an easily forgettable but incredible experience, as you’re probably asleep as soon as your head touches the headrest.

I might be slightly biased, but come on, admit the Citroen DS was a design done well. (cgfrog.com)

The perfectly styled car is the car where everything works together perfectly; form and function, art and science. Obviously, this is not the Nissan Juke.

PHOTO CREDIT: (Where not captioned), MotorAuthority.com

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