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Looking through the time on Hammond's diary of bicycle riding

I have wrote my article with help of magazine "Fashion History" on russian language.

I find a good song for Hammond when he riding on his bicycle. It is looks like bike's ringing in a traffic jam among diferent objects to be alive. This song is "Polo & Pan - Dorothy "

Text of the song... Words fabulous, but every journey should be as a fairy tale. Good words, sounding in your ears and mind will attract good things for the eyes, create a good mood. The music of the song is very Bicycle. It for people who like to get home fast and fun.

Polo & Pan - Dorothy

Scarecrow, Tinman, Dorothy, Lion is afraid of me

Lion is afraid of me, Lion is afraid of me

Escape from reality where i go you follow me

where i go you follow me, where i go you follow me

Tornado swallowing my house

Get higher Higher Higher

It looks like it's spinning around

It looks like it's spinning around

I'm lost I'm lost in a shiny new world

Follow Follow Follow the yellow brick road

Walking ahead in a brand new style

Flower Shower, Flowers raining on me

In the 1870's there was a popular Bicycle the "penny-farthing"

Driver from past

with the front wheel a lot more than the back wheel, in the 1880s produced a models similar to the modern.

The producers doing experiments: in addition to two-wheeled they have created a three-wheeled cargo bikes

Bicycle with basket

tandems (including three -, four -, five -triplets, quadruplet and quintuplet; they were used only by sportsmens)

Tandem bicycle for sportsmens

bicycles for riding in the recumbent position

Early version of bicycle in this position

family bikes with child place

Photo from journal

special lady's model, with a low arched frame and mesh to protect the skirt from getting in the spokes (for those who still did not dare to wear bloomery).

Safe bicycle for lady

They also took care of the suit of male cyclists: there was such a useful device as special "loops for pants", which protected the pants from "damage and contamination".

At the turn of the century, the ladies wished to try out a technical novelty called "bicycle". It turned out that pedaling in a dress uncomfortable and even dangerous, so they had to wear very wide trousers that mimicked the skirt. They were called "bloomers" - by the name of its inventor, Amelia Bloomer. It was expected that as soon as the lady gets off the bike, she will throw a special removable skirt over the bloomers, but this addition did not take root. In addition to bloomer the costume consisted of a shirt, or warm jacket, and high, knee length, leggings that protect the legs from dirt and possible injury.


In the 1895, famous magazine "New World" (USA) published a list of rules for women on bicycles.

"First, do not be afraid (no comments).

Secondly, while riding do not faint (by the way, in the old days it was considered good form to fall into the indignant "fainting" from a passing male gaze to the ankle. On the bike, it is, you know, dangerous).

Thirdly, the expression on Your face should not be deliberately constantly "Cycling" (that's the expression? No, really interesting!)

Fourth, no entry to the Church in the pants-"bloomer" .

Fifth, asking even loved ones whether do they like your "bloomer-pants" – indecent.

Sixth, after sunset, you should ride only accompanied by a representative of the stronger sex.

Seventh, in any case it is not recommended to ride in the suit of a brother or husband to understand, how to specify the authors, "what is it like to be a men."

Eighth, if you see a cow - without hysterics! The cow is categorically not dangerous. If she sees you, she'll run away from the bike.

Ninth, fanatical to follow velo-fashion is not necessary.

Tenth, passers-by have nothing to do with you. Seriously! If You are not going to repeat it to myself, you have the risk to get unrested and to crash in something

Eleventh if hard on the rise, do not refuse outside help (too early to take the help of the strange man in the street was considered a fantastic liberty).

Twelth, gum at the wheel chewed only ill-mannered girls.

Thirteenth, to criticize the outfits of the other ladies on bicycles – outrageously indecent.

Fourteenth, harmony Your own attire, accessories and bike may well be imperfect (point Pro fashion already was, but, apparently, it took clarify).

Fifteenth, the tram always goes first, and the tram does not pass even the ladies. Prose of life.

Sixteenth, to use the buzzwords of "bicycle slang" is not more decent than to discuss the outfits cyclists. Leave this vulgarity for the tomboys and mechanics.

Seventeenth, the public should not see you on a bike until you learn to do a passable ride. Because it could turn out already quite indecent.

In the late nineteenth century rapidly gaining popularity - especially among young people, minor officials, couriers ( To ride a bicycle for respectable men and women is considered indecent). At the beginning, the countryside gardeners on the "iron horse" gather a crowd of curious and cause unbridled rage of dogs, but every year the bicycles are an increasingly common sight not only on city streets. After them appear and motorcycles - but still only in sports.

The morality of modern cyclists so relevant and covers the questions that had the first women cyclists in the 19th century. I still think these questions are unresolved.

For example, cyclists clothing even never discussed, even among friends and family. People need to make it more attractive and convenient for men and women, after that it will be possible to see each other and not looks like the magic frogs on a date.

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  • Come to Coventry transport museum in Britain it is really detailed on the different bicycles that were mostly made in Coventry by the different manufacturer's such as singer and rover. These companies that started making bicycles then finally started making cars.

    6 months ago
    • I have a dream to get to the Museum of cars or bicycles in the Britain. I think it could be the best exhibition in my life

      Museums in the Grat Britain are the best. I went to London once...

      Read more
      6 months ago


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