Looking to find a new home for my Maisto 1:18 Mercedes CLK DTM collection 2000-2002, total of 8 cars. No boxes but have been displayed since new in a sealed cabinet. Shipping will be pretty pricey once these are wrapped and boxed. Sold as a collection only. Looking for $400 shipped, make me an offer though, motivated to sell!

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  • Awww man! I wish I had a spare 400&

      12 days ago
  • wow, that's gotta hit the feels just a tad, sorry for your loss?

    Nice cars, too!

      13 days ago
  • Good luck with your sale. For those that might not be aware, don't let the Maisto name fool you. Their race models from this era are pretty good.

      13 days ago
  • There is honestly better value in selling it as a collection for the buyer. Since this was a spec series I imagine the prospective buying would likely want to purchase them together. Selling them individually doesn't really help me as I'm trying to clear a decent space in my 1:18 cabinet.

      13 days ago
  • Ooo I love them but unfortunately can’t afford it. And just out of curiosity, why sell it as a collection?

      13 days ago