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9am... The roar of Alan's R35 GT-R rolls up to my house. Out jumps Al and Biggar (film making God) to start our day. Gear into the car we set off.

695bhp. half carbon body. Adv1 wheels & on air..

After leaving the house the next question was "Where now?" With it looking like the weather Gods were on our side we headed west with a full tank of fuel. After about an hour we were in the simply breathtaking surroundings of Glen Coe - this is Scotland doing what it does best "dramatic landscape". Drive a few miles down the Glen Etive road and you find the location at which Bond and M stood in the James Bond movie Skyfall.

Standard shot when up this part of the country

The locals

"Roads were made for journeys not destinations"

After shooting in Glen Etive we headed back down Glen Coe to Ballachulish and follow the coast around until we find a nice stop off point for some food and some more shots of the Awesome GT-R.

The reason we went with these locations was down to ... well, just look at that view and the road.


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