Lorinser has given the London Taxi a makeover

The London Electric Vehicle Company showcased this heavily modified taxi at this year's Beijing Auto Show

41w ago

Lorinser is a company that is a bit divisive at times. Some may love its crazy customisations of otherwise boringly normal road cars, quite a lot of people do not. It doesn't seem like Lorinser is showing any signs of stopping though, as the company extensively modified one of the London Electric Vehicle Company's (a subsidiary of Geely) brand new electric taxis for LEVC to showcase at this year's Beijing Auto Show!

On the outside, Lorinser has kitted the otherwise normal and practical taxi out with a Rolls-Royce style two-tone colour scheme and wheels that wouldn't look out of place on the latest versions of the Phantom or Ghost, albeit in a much smaller size than you would find on either of those ultra-luxurious saloons. The rear bumper also has a more sporty look than the standard one you'd find on one of these taxis, whilst, at the front, a big hood ornament in typical unsubtle Lorinser fashion has been added.

The most striking changes from the original taxi are on the inside, however. The interior has been almost completely redone from top to bottom, trimmed in an orange and black colour scheme. The generic Volvo steering wheel from the original taxi has been binned in favour of a more sporty flat-bottomed design, as has the shroud that surrounds the infotainment system in favour of a look that's somewhat Tesla-like. The most fetching part of the interior re-do though has to be those orange seats; they're so garish and over the top that you can't help but love the sheer audacity of Lorinser to put them in what is supposed to be a utilitarian city runaround!

A lot of people will really, really not like what Lorinser has done to this car. I'm personally OK with it. I doubt this is going to be anything more than a show car and I wouldn't be surprised if both Lorinser and Geely had a lot of fun putting this hilariously over the top luxury taxi together. Having said that, it could be a pretty good laugh if somebody ordered something like this from Lorinser in the future and actually went around hailing rides in it. Imagine being picked up from the airport or a night out on the town in something like this!

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Comments (6)

  • This looks like it could of been made by Mansory (Its Horrible)

      9 months ago
  • This reminds me weirdly of Watchdogs legion

      9 months ago
  • Looks like a RR on outside and inside looks like a Mercedes Vito.

      9 months ago
  • What would make me like it more is if they fitted an awesome V8 under its bonnet hood 😎

      9 months ago
  • Rolls Royce Hatchback

      9 months ago