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Lorry With 61 Meter Wind Turbine Manages To Take A Turn

Incredible moment trailer carrying 60-metre long turbine blade

3y ago

The Nooteboom SUPER WING CARRIER is specially designed to transport extremely long windmill rotor blades by road in a handy and efficient way. In order to generate more power the windmills are getting bigger and bigger. And the rotor blades are getting bigger and longer too, measuring up to 70m in length. Conventional extendible semi-trailers are no longer a practical option. The SUPER WING CARRIER is internationally extremely popular for the transport of rotor blades that are 50m long or longer.

The SUPER WING CARRIER is anything but a conventional, extendible semi-trailer. When the rotor blades are getting longer they are also wider and even have a slightly different shape. This means that the centre of gravity will no longer be right above the central main beam of the semi-trailer. Therefore the load floor of the SUPER WING CARRIER is not only longer, it is stronger too.

The excellent torsional stiffness of the construction, made of high-grade steel, ensures the trailer won’t tip over during the transport due to the centre of gravity of the load or a cross wind. Moreover, the extremely strong chassis beams ensure there is no extra bending force or torsional stress on the load. The chassis can support rotor blades of any type or make in different positions.

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  • Wow, excellent journalism. A complete copy and paste job in its entirety right off of the manufactures website. www.nooteboom.com/trailers/super-wing-carrier/

      3 years ago
  • Ooops, dead end street. Would'ya turn back, please?

      3 years ago
  • That is so cool. Any info on how the back axles are steered?

      3 years ago
    • i think they're steered using hydraulics.

        3 years ago
    • Oh, that is quite obvious. At that size and weight only hydraulics will do. What I'm curious about is how the steering angle is "decided" upon: is it an automatic system, outside controls, GPS... Who controls the rear wheels?

        3 years ago
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      3 years ago
  • Nitish paswan

      3 years ago