Lotus 49: Monomarca USA 1967 skins pack

This is one of my first works on Assetto Corsa and the first to be very successful!

Link to RaceDepartment, for more info and download: www.racedepartment.com/downloads/lotus-49-monomarca-usa-1967-skins-pack.1422/

Back in 2014 there were still few contents in Assetto Corsa, some of them had very few liveries choices, too. And in this case the Lotus 49 was the first and sole historical F1 car, with just Jim Clark n.5 and Jo Siffert n.22 liveries.

To make it in good company, expecially after AI came to AC, the car needed somebody to fill the grid line. Actually a full mod with all cars from 1997 would rather be a better content, but I wasn't able to do that. So I did what I was able to do at least: a skin pack! (Note: I got news recently some modders dedicated themselves to that kind of mod project.)

The idea came with a first single skin I did. After I found the perfect golden color (used for another skin we will soon talk about), my thought gone immediately to JPS Lotus livery! So the first one where I put such idea was actually the Lotus type 49!

Lotus type 49 - John Player Special style livery for Assetto Corsa - Where the idea was born

At such times, there were no official templates. So I had to do it myself first. But after I do a template, I always feel a waste of time to use it exclusively for just a livery! That's pratically were the spark for a new pack came.

I had fixed ideas to make the pack clean, varied, credible and able to fill a grid:

- There shouldn't be fake stuffs, like vents, bumps or shapes made with just shadows over Lotus' plain body. For example Ferrari inspired Chris Amon's car wouldn't have fake Ferrari 312 F1 vent's draw over bonnet.

- So actually no real brand change. Which menas the pack doesn't intend to pretend to transform Lotus 49 into other contemporary F1 cars. The whole pack is intended as a "Monomarca" (monobrand). So pratically it pretends all other brands to just be different teams running Lotus 49 into the same event. But they still adopt their own logos.

Four main examples from the whole pack, particularly different each other, and updated to AC v. 1.5 3D driver models.

- No drivers name over cars, to make player feel cars a bit more "own", and no sponsor logos or writing, like Kunos' skins and like it often was in those early years.

- No skins with same colors and just different race numbers. I preferred to make an exception to liveries fidelity. And pratically adopting only a single car with official colors. While other drivers with same car would have alternative colors.

Expecially for this last aspect, often I profitted a lot about historical photocameras problems to represent original colors. I.e.: often some british dark green could look a dark blue.

Also seeing in those years drivers used to change their race number at every single event. And seeing that not even them all raced all events. I had to choose a single event as reference for the whole pack.

To do that, I used Kunos' Jim Clark skin as inspiration. With Lotus type 49, they celebrate a lot that driver and its deeds. Expecially on historical Monza (note: Monza '66 was already in AC). But Jim's record wasn't in 1966 on Monza, it was on 1967. And his car on that year was number 5 on the next grand prix: USA 1967.

So that's explained why the pack is named: "Lotus 49: Monomarca USA 1967".

All brands customized cockpits. And even customized gloves for drivers. Note the different effect for leather and cloth.

At first times I didn't mean to go too deep into teams / brands customizations. I was already extricating myself between historical online pictures to better understand different liveries details. But while going deep into car's skin files, and after AC forum users pressure, I decided take the plunge and go deeper possible!

At the end pratically the sole thing I didn't do, apart avoiding fake vents, was to change brand logos of the Cosworth engine. :)

Also suits are not so strictly faithful to the season: too few sources for such info. And for pit crews I just used drivers' suit with cars' color in background. But for sure my helmets are the most faithful I could achieve! The pack does even contains Siffert's original helmet, where Kunos just recycled Jim's helmet everywhere.

The most faithful helmets I could achieve!

After some time, Kunos gathered my idea, making his own collection of Lotus type 49 skins inspired to other contemporary race cars. BUT they couldn't make all brand customizations, like helmets, gloves, rims (and tyre brands), steering wheels and livery logos and details. So I still claim my pack to be most palatable and preferable. And I even made a video where I explain how to forcely deactivate Kunos' skins and adopt exclusively mines. :)

Over years, Kunos released new drivers 3D models two times (pratically once per year). Which meant new drivers' skin files. And I never abandoned my skin pack (I'll never abandon any skin until the game lives). So the pack keeps being working and updated nowadays.

Or at least up to AC 1.5, but there was nothing in next patches to make me suspect they could work no more. Uhm... if you find any troubles with it, warn me immediately, please! ;)

Link to RaceDepartment, for more info and download: www.racedepartment.com/downloads/lotus-49-monomarca-usa-1967-skins-pack.1422/