Lotus Evija deliveries delayed five months due to coronavirus

Testing has proven harder to do than ever but Lotus have discovered a new and improved horsepower figure...

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It has been confirmed by Lotus that its Evija electric hypercar is delayed five months due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The first customer cars were supposed to be shipped before the end of the year, but the restrictions brought by the pandemic have forced Lotus to postpone the testing program which in turn has delayed the deliveries.

Lotus’ PR Manager, Rob Borrett has told CarScoops: “The [Evija] project has been delayed due to the pandemic and we are currently looking at a loss of 5 months testing and development. Our plan is that the first customer deliveries will arrive mid 2021.”

“The global pandemic and resulting lockdown meant we could not follow the planned testing programme we have for the car in Europe. Mainly affecting hot weather testing, which we have missed out on completely. Plus travel bans and the now certain return quarantine means we cannot just pick up our team and drop them back into testing straight away.”

“However, it is key to understand that the delay in on-the-road testing has allowed us to focus on development in other areas, making improvements to the Evija’s aerodynamics and downforce, as well as finding that its power is actually above 2000 hp rather than the 1973bhp quoted at its reveal last summer. We do not sit still at Lotus, we have used lockdown as an opportunity for some fantastic engineering advances.”

Yes, this is bad news but there is also some positive news thrown in there too about the increased horsepower number found by the development team at Lotus. Every cloud has a silver lining.

But, this does unfortunately mean a delay for the 130 customers who have paid £1.7 million for their brand new Evija. But it's affected everyone, so there's nothing that can be done.

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Comments (2)

  • Wierd, they used lockdown to good effect but are still delayed. Isn’t that a contradiction in itself.

    “We’ve found some more horsepower”, not really a problem in an electric car, specify a marginally higher battery spec and hey presto you have more power.

    Lotus’ delays as probably due to management as they’ve never been able to deliver on time and feels like a bit of an excuse.

    The only people it impacts are those that have one on order so not really impacting many people.

    Rant over!

      22 days ago
  • 2000hp? How the heck do they expect to get it onto the road... with jet engines forcing it down for traction? We have the Tesla Roadster (second edition) due in the next year (the first one was a greatly modified Lotus for those not in the know). There is even a version with cold jet assistance, a development from their space program, to assist beyond the point that plain traction cannot apply any further. They'll be faster and cheaper and still fairly uncommon. Good luck to Lotus anyway.


      21 days ago