Lotus has stepped into Christmas by drifting around its Hethel factory

25w ago


Lotus obviously fancied shaking things up a bit this Christmas and therefore decided to get rid of the 15mph speed limit around its Hethel plant.

To take advantage of that situation, a rather spritely Evora GT410 was sent around the factory, mostly in first gear and smashing into the limiter. It's surprising how tasty the supercharged V6 sounds when echoing off the Lotus buildings, although I wouldn't want to be its rear tyres considering the punishment they're being subjected to.

404bhp seems plenty when you have a Christmas tree strapped to the engine cover and, if you look carefully, you can spot the odd Lotus F1 legend resting patiently on the factory floor.

Basically, if this drifting video doesn't get you into the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will:

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