L​otus wins government funding for new EV platform

T​he company will develop an all-new electric car platform with the support of the government.

The electric virus has spread to every corner of the automotive industry, including supercars; Ferrari has released a PHEV monster called SF90 Stradale, the Tesla Roadster is set to burst out of the factory next year, and now Lotus has followed suit by announcing an EV platform that will be supported by the UK government.

T​he platform is called LEVA (Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture), and it plans to serve as “a showcase for pioneering new BEV chassis and powertrain concepts”. Further details will be confirmed later.

T​his is not the first time Lotus has ventured into electric territory, as last year they announced the production of an all-electric hypercar called the Evija, with production and deliveries set to start next year. Reffering to the car and the LEVA platform, Lotus' executive director of engineering Matt Windle said:

“Following the launch of the Lotus Evija, our all-electric hypercar, this project is a key building block in our vision to deliver a full range of electrified Lotus performance cars for the drivers."

I​f I'm honest ladies and gentlemen, I am interested what Lotus will bring with this new platform, because if we want to continue driving supercars after 2030, programs like these that aim for the creation of electric supercars may be just what we need.

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Comments (6)

  • If the government has been convinced to shell out for a car company, it's pretty much doomed to fail. There is a long history of this fact.

      7 months ago
  • I would like to know how Lotus plans to make BEVs lightweight?!

      7 months ago
  • Holy shit the UK Government are actually bothering to help and support the motor industry? What the fuck it going on??

      7 months ago
  • Nice to see the U.K. government supporting Lotus. Is the next step for lotus an suv?

      7 months ago
    • based on the fact that aston martin has made an suv, I would not be surprised if Lotus DID make an SUV

        7 months ago