Loud & Sideways - 13.000Rpm FIAT 126 GSX-R Proto

Filip Tornic Miharcic´s diminutive but incredibly loud Monster

One of the most active and spectacular machines in this last Season was Filip Tornic Miharcic´s FIAT 126 Proto. Barely missing a beat and competing between Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and more, this little GSX-R1000 swapped machine was always driven spectacularly, making full use of its 185Hp Naturally Aspirated Powerplant and low Weight.

Tipping the scales at 640Kg, revving all the way to 13.000Rpm and sounding equally as mad, this little Rear wheel Drive Monster can be seen here on two of the twistiest Hillclimb events of the year, GHD Lucine and Cividale-Castelmonte. And those are exactly the best spots to appreciate the supreme agility and tendency to oversteer on demand of this diminutive Prototype. Here´s to more Motorbike-powered action in 2022...

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