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The Wonderful World of Ambassadors And Why Every DriveTriber Should Love Them All Long Time

3y ago

So, we have just launched our Ambassador Network on DriveTribe ... and here is why everyone on DriveTribe should be excited

What he said

What he said


So you may have noticed some very special people on DriveTribe now have a rather shiny new chevron icon next to their names, here is a technical diagram:

Clemsie, a very special person

Clemsie, a very special person

I heard that Ambassadors have superpowers, what are they?

Ah, so you have been paying attention. Yes, Ambassadors have superpowers on DriveTribe. Some also have superpowers in real life but that is beyond the scope of this article.


1. Ambassadors can feature your post on the Homepage of DriveTribe


2. Ambassadors can promote your post on DriveTribe Facebook Pages

What the f$#%! that is amazing!

Well, I did say they have superpowers.

Ok, stop larking around - give me the real skinny

For a long time on DriveTribe we have relied on super clever mathematics to find the best content to promote on the homepage. And it kinda, sorta worked - ish. For the bigger, very active tribes it was awesome - for new, smaller or niche tribes it mostly sucked.

Regarding social network promotion - while we have been growing our now (massive) social audience we tended to select posts that gave us the greatest reach and engagement on social networks which invariably were videos or lighter-touch, fun posts. This unfortunately meant that the posts that are popular on DriveTribe amongst us petrolheads were not always great for us on social networks and so did not benefit from the social network traffic than can convert a post from a few hundred views to many thousand views.

So - the net result of this is that anyone working hard to create awesome articles was not necessarily having a fun old time on DriveTribe as they had to spend as much time promoting their post as writing it. And then no-one read it.

In this new world, our Ambassadors are on the look-out for the best posts on the platform to promote. Which, I hope, will create a much fairer system and the absolute possibility that great posts get a fair punt across the DriveTribe network.

It will also give us much more variety on the main page of DriveTribe which is great for our audience.

How did you select Ambassadors?

We held a recruitment exercise a few weeks back and selected our initial ambassador team from those applications.

Can I become an Ambassador?

Yes, of course. However, you will need to be introduced to DriveTribe by one of the existing Ambassadors. Then there is a rigorous physical and mental exam and a game of quidditch to pick the winners. (The first sentence of that was true.)

In short - you need to make a bit of a name for yourself on DriveTribe with awesome posts and build a relationship with some Ambassadors and then suggest that you should become one. You can use Live Chat, Comments and Posts to do this.

But won't Ambassadors simply promote their own posts?

No. While Ambassadors are allowed to promote their own posts, the role is to promote the best content on the platform. Before an Ambassador does promote their own post they check with the other Ambassadors on their team to make sure it is of good enough quality. If an Ambassador only promotes their own posts then they will be an ex-Ambassador pretty quickly.

What sort of post will the Ambos be promoting?

Here is the guide for what content will be promoted.

Will Ambassadors be getting more superpowers?

Yes, but I would hate to spoil the surprise.

How do I get my post promoted?

Ask an Ambassador - the easiest way is to @mention the particular Ambassador you would like to consider your post in a comment on your post.

Who are the Ambassadors?

The wonderful Eduard Holdis is interviewing Ambassadors and you can follow those interviews by joining the DriveTribers tribe here:

Once all Ambassadors have been set-up (hopefully this week) we will publish a list for you all.

You can also chat to Ambassadors here

But I have loads more questions that you failed to address?

Sure thing - comment below ...

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  • Ha, my mom alway said I was special. Glad to see it's official now!

      3 years ago
  • I like Ambassadors. All Ambassadors.

      3 years ago
  • Great work boss!

      3 years ago
  • I️ have a small tribe and sometimes have wondered how my articles would be seen by a wider audience. This new arrangement should help :) Many thanks.

      3 years ago
  • What about BOATS? You defiantly need a boating ambassador ^_^

      3 years ago