Love of cars

2y ago


From my earliest years that I can remember I have had an absolute love of all things cars and speed. My father rode motorbikes and was a mechanic for most of his working life, which I believe in part had a lot to do with it. Motor sports were a huge part of my family tradition, even my mother was secretary of our local drag racing club. During racing season every Sunday was a day devoted to watching some form of motor racing. Bikes, touring cars, drag racing and can not forget F1 we all watched F1 almost with out beating an eyelash. When the great Ayrton Senna died, we cried as if we lost a family member.

The greatest ever.

During my time watching F1 I fell in love with the manufacturer Ferrari, to this day I follow and support them blindly and consider my self part of the most die hard of all Ferrari supporters the Tifosi. All these things are part of why I love cars/bikes/boats and they don't even have to be fast. I love them for the great memories I have, from wrenching on cars with my father, to watching some of the greatest races unfold in front of me. Then there is one of the greatest joys of all hitting the mountain roads with your friends sharing in the joy of driving.

Getting ready to hit the mountain roads.

It's all these things that ensure that my love cars that will not die. And even though it makes me a terribly boring person at a party because all I do is waffle on about cars and bikes for hours on end, I wouldn't have it any other way, I don't think there is anything more freeing and exciting as sitting behind the wheel and going for a drive.