Love The Idea of The New Supra?

11w ago


(Photo Courtesy of Lochlan Walker From Apex YYC Click to check out his WEBSITE)

If you love the idea of a 2020 Supra made by BMW, why wait? ...And before you ask, no, I am not joking.


Go buy an older Z4. Like this one on Auto Trader


Slap on a body kit, if you are thirsting (original definition) for a 2JZ, swap it in and feel like a champion. If not, you are looking at stock performance figures around 250 to 300 hp (depending on year and trim) and around the same ammount of torque. BMW forums will tell you how best to modify what you've got, if that's not enough.

2007? BMW Z4

Now, I did a very rough mock up to illustrate the concept, but you have total freedom with the fiberglass body mods, whatever style you want. Style it like an old supra, style it like a new one, or do your own thing. But the point is, you will end up with effectively the same car, were it sold 10 years ago. What really should pique your interest is that previous generation Z4s were available with a manual transmission.


Enjoy your excellent Zupra.

Which would you go for? A40-A80, a 2020 Supra, or make your own?