Loved the TT RS' looks but not its price? Audi releases an affordable answer

Gets a sporty theme all around along with a new paint scheme

41w ago

With every other launch constituting of either an electric vehicle or an SUV, do we even remember good old two-seater sports cars? More importantly, are manufacturers in the same boat as us? Not sure about all carmakers but German automaker Audi certainly recollects building a two-seater coupe. And after negligible anticipation, it has now launched a new trim level for the same.

The Audi TT now gets a new ‘S Line Competition Plus’ variant which essentially offers sporty cosmetic tweaks on the exterior and the cabin. The trim-spec can only be equipped if opting for the 45 TSFI engine option which offers 245hp. While there are almost no mechanical changes, a plethora of cosmetic kit being offered to enhance the looks of the TT.

For instance, the usual set of components to receive such upgrades such as bumpers, front grille, sill trims and the diffuser insert get their entitled sporty treatment. A fixed rear wing makes an introduction here. And to sustain the sporty theme with the updated body parts (except the bumpers), the mentioned components have been blacked out.

The same can be said about the 19-inch alloy wheels which now comes painted in gloss black, but customers can opt for a 20-inch 10-Y spoke wheel design option as well. But when it comes to colours, the TT can get finished in this Turbo Blue, or there’s a choice between three metallic paint options - tango red, glacier white or Chronos gray, the latter being the latest colour to get introduced to the TT.

The same sporty theme is said to have flown into the cabin as well with the addition of sports seats finished in either leather with Alcantara or all-leather. The leather and Alcantara combination can be equipped to the steering wheel and the gear level as well. Contrasting stitching can be found throughout the cabin. And to top it off, the all-digital Audi instrument cluster can be had in brushed aluminium or in a carbon finish, a setup seen previously only in the TTS.

Remember how there were almost no mechanical changes? Yeah, just a tiny one slipped through. And that comprises of the S Line sports suspension with damper tuning which lowers the car by 10mm to provide better handling and a sportier stance.

The Audi TT with S Line Competition Plus will be available to order from October with deliveries said to commence from December 2020. The carmaker has priced this variant at €47,316.30 ($55,813.65) for the coupé and €49,655.80 ($58,574.23) for the roadster. And to much dismay of TT enthusiasts, Audi will only be retailing this new variant in the German market.

An enticing offering for people who are content with the aggressive looks and can make do without the iconic 5-cylinder performance prowess and the extra €20k price tag that accompanies those looks in the range-topping RS variant.

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  • This thing needs to have the engine in the rear some how... VW have enough brands to parts share say from a 718 Porsche n stick the 5 cyl into. The 4 seats is definitely unique in this category, unless us spend 911 coins

      9 months ago