An open letter to the NZ Car scene (MAY APPLY TO OTHER SCENES TOO)...

4y ago

An open letter to the NZ Car scene (may apply to other scenes too). We get to talk to a ton of people on a daily basis. One of the big things people bring up is how awesome things used to be. As time goes on, things look rosier as you walk down memory lane.

The scene was pretty amazing 'back in the day' and then it lost it's way for a few years. Now the scene (local and global), is better than it ever was. People are building way radder cars and NZ has developed it's own unique culture. One that takes influences from so many different scenes around the globe, then mashes it up and adds our unique flavour to it.

Most importantly, think how amazing we can make the scene going forward!

F.Patel - Random ramblings 2016

There are way more track days, drift days, car meets, car clubs, park-ups than there ever was. Don't worry about how the scene was, enjoy how primo the scene is right now and most importantly, think how amazing we can make the scene going forward!

We all share the same passion, we all love our own cars, time to open your minds and understand why other people love their cars too. We don't all have to be best buddies, but we are all into cars because they mean something to us. They hols a dear place in our hearts like the un-awkward family member we never had.

There is no place for negativity and hate that has plagued the scene in the past. We all come from different backgrounds and live different lives. It's the scene and the cars that bring us together, that is the constant and it always will be.

We think about all the good sorts that we have met throughout our travels, at events, on feature shoots, through mates and the extended network. Puts a smile on our faces thinking about all the stellar times. Whether talking about our rides in the freezing cold at a street park-up. At a friends summer BBQ over a few drinks, even joining a chat group with people we on the net. All through the common interest of cars.

the haters have come and gone

F.Patel - Excerpt from this short and sharply written piece

Our scene isn't about hate, the haters have come and gone. It's the passionate owners that love the scene and their rides, that have kept things strong. These owners will continue to rep the scene as they genuinely love it, and these are the people that will take the scene forward. Time to put individual egos aside and take the NZ car scene to the next level.
Much Love!
Falgs and the #Speedmagnet team

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