Loving life with the MG... mostly

Quick update on my perfect everyday car... with a charging rant at the end

17w ago

It's been a month now and on the whole I can say I'm certainly more than happy with the car, but a few issues (beyond both me and the cars control) do irritate me slightly at times. One being people telling me how many times an MG ZS of someone they know broke down (they mostly all refer to the ROVER derived predecessor or a PETROL version of my car... two words that clearly explain why I don't really care) The other I'll get to later.

For the most part this car has done everything I've asked of it so far in terms of driving to work, going to the supermarket or even the dreaded trip to the tip. It's managed the weather ravaged roads extremely well (including snow surprisingly for many reasons) and I've never been worried about not getting to work and so far hardly ever needed to charge the car at home. Everything this car does has exceeded my expectations greatly, it pulls along quickly without drama or effort and after a long day driving buses around the Scottish Borders, just what you want for a drive home. The handling is a bit wobbly in corners at a "certain speed" I will admit but look at it, compared to my parents Hyundai Tucson it's fine. I did switch on all the driver aids to see how they faired (Lane assist, Speed Limit Assist, Auto Brake, etc...) and switched almost all of them back off. They work well enough if needed but I just don't need to use them, as someone recently said to me "just because yer iPhone has a thermometer, don't mean you should stick it up yer bum" I'm choosing to think it had something to do with unnecessary technology, I hope.

I'm starting to warm up to the colour too, I've been seeing a lot of these cars driving around that are the same colour which may be why I'm more used to it (surprising number of them have been taxis in Edinburgh, which is a brilliant sign usually) Not to forget that so far the after service with the dealership has been a breath of fresh air. I discovered that one of my keys was missing from the fob so asked them if they could get another one cut extra for me when they ordered the replacement for the missing key and they did it for free. To round up I'd like to say that I'm still as over the moon with this car as I am surprised by it. Seeing this car comes from a company that fifteen years ago was bought in a fire sale and was essentially selling left over MG ZTs and TFs out of an old warehouse, this car deserves more praise than I feel it's getting.

Not many photos in this one, no point really, it's an MG 😉

Not many photos in this one, no point really, it's an MG 😉

The only real gripe I have isn't actually with the car, no it's to do with charging when I'm at work, which at the moment takes some serious forward planning and contingencies if needed. And before anyone thinks I'm saying "range anxiety" I'm not, the cars range is fine. The only time I've been worried about the range was the day I drove to the dealership to trade my van in (I'd stuck £5 in the empty fuel tank and there was no way in hell I was putting any more money into it... even if the garage was over 30 miles away)

You see it's not that the charging infrastructure isn't there, it's just not been well thought out in the town where I work and mostly need to charge at. Nor has it been kept in well enough condition even.

First there's five charge points in my home town, albeit only one of them is a rapid charger (there was another one but after some issues with flood damage and a dodgy motorhome, it's no longer in service) and although none of the many supermarkets have chargers installed, these options are more than adequate for charging the car on my days off plus they're all free (proper free at that) Then it gets a bit of a chore, the next town on my way to work has just one but it's a small town and still free. I've used these chargers quite a bit and as a rule if I'm able to, depending on my shift, I leave for work an hour earlier to charge the car to full at whichever rapid charger is available. This system works fine and if I really had to I'd trickle charge overnight at home because the car's never drained it's battery so low that I couldn't get home.

So really I can't complain about it for day to day use but when I get to work on a late shift, then the problems have begun. Galashiels can only claim they have ten charge points if they include the two towns on the side of it (three) the ones installed in Tesco and Asda that are customers only (four) one that's out of order and another that is just a big hole in the ground because they never installed it. Which in truth means there is one rapid charger I can use if deciding to charge my car at work (which I have done many times) but it's the same for anyone else with an EV and due to a long running technical issue that somehow can't be rectified, it can't charge two cars at once and every time a repair has been carried out on it one of the three sockets is left "out of order" (CHAdeMo two months ago, Type2 for the past fortnight and I'm told yesterday it was the CCS, god knows what they're doing with it)

This means it's a constant race to get there before anyone else and if I get there and find a PHEV using it, unspeakable thoughts of rage. I don't have issues with hybrids using charge points but if it's this particular one which is a lifeline to an entire town, maybe don't unless it's impossible to get fuel also. Luckily Tesco have installed four Type2 chargers and are again free to use provided you shop there (which I'm sure everyone using them does) and after using it on Friday for the first time, I now have viable options again, even if it won't fully charge in the time I use it.

So once I get my wall box installed and the powers that be sort the mess with the chargers in Gala, life with MG will be perfect. Until then I have to live with the fact that sometimes it could be a little awkward and plan for a worse case every trip to work. But I'm pleased to say with this surprising little car, I can live with it and more the happy to as well.

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  • Quick update on the situation, turns out there is a pause on fitting hoists to ev’s. Something to do with they have to do a safety study on each available ev to work out the safety of drilling for anchor points ect. Luckily motability have agreed to extend the current lease. Turns out you were correct & due to the depth of booth the mg wasn’t a viable option.

      3 months ago
  • Hi, my mum is looking for a new car & is thinking of going down the ev route. We test drove the citron c4 ev today & was very underwhelmed so not taking another look at whats available on motability. Had just been looking at this when i spotted your review. Had a quick read of some online reviews & they are saying its uncomfortable & not that nice to drive so just thought id ask you what it is like in that respect. Range shouldn’t be a problem as she only pops to the shops every now & then & we will be getting a home pod.



      3 months ago
    • Have you tried the Nissan Leaf?from reviews it seems as if it is apparently a pretty good EV,i haven't personally been on it tho

        3 months ago
    • Thanks, i think as far as affordable ev’s go the leaf seems to get best reviews. Problem is we need to fit a hoist for a mobility scooter, one of the reasons the c4 got struck off the list & i think the leaf isnt much bigger sadly. Might be worth a...

      Read more
        3 months ago
  • I honestly do not appreciate evs.

      3 months ago