LOW BLOW. FMW Motorcycle’s ‘Hurakàn’ Harley Cafe Racer

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For their bikes, there’s the ‘Brutale’, the ‘Pantah’ and the ‘Devil Lusso’ to name but a few. Look further a field and you’ll find cars named the ‘Diablo’, the ‘Murcielago’ and even the ‘Millechili’. But even with all their fancy marketing departments and college graduates, few names come close to the spectacular moniker that Italy’s FMW Motorcycles gifted their new S&S-powered Harley cafe racer. Meet the ‘Hurakàn’.

According to Lorenzo Fugaroli, FMW’s owner, the name ‘Hurakàn’ comes from the Mayan deity of wind, fire and storms. And while that may sound like most of my Sunday rides, it is believed that the word was introduced into the Spanish language to describe the tropical storms of South America. Far from this just being a cool name for a bike, Lorenzo adopted it as a kind of guide to how he wanted the bike to turn out. “It was to be a unique bike, completely hand-made, and most importantly it had to be very powerful and possess excellent dynamic characteristics”.


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