Lucid Air thrashes Tesla Model S with sub-10 second quarter mile time

That makes it the world's quickest production sedan with over 1,000hp!

2w ago


Ever since it came out back in 2012, the Tesla Model S has pretty much been the quickest thing on the road. Its EV battery packs made it so quick off the line and helped it perform so well in drag races that everything else struggled to keep up with it.

However, we are not in 2012 anymore, this is 2020 and more and more electric vehicles are being made. One of which is the Lucid Air and it has just knocked the crown off of any production Tesla.

Lucid Motors has released a video of its Air electric sedan thrashing the Tesla Model S in a quarter-mile race with an insanely impressive 9.9-second time. To put that into perspective, the Bugatti Veyron does it in 10.1 seconds.

But this isn't the only thing going for the Lucid Air as it has also just been tested by the EPA who managed to complete 517 miles on one charge, making it the highest range production EV money can buy. This is all thanks to its impressive charging capacity and battery pack architecture.

Lucid Motors claims the 'Air' has up to 1,080 horsepower available with the dual-motor and all-wheel-drive package. And that 'the Lucid Air Dream Edition has achieved quarter-mile times as low as 9.9 seconds on a consistent basis, making it the world’s quickest production sedan.'

The Lucid Air also claims to have battery technology from Formula E which comes as no surprise when you see how it performs.

The official production car is to be revealed on September 9th and Tesla should be worried because from what I can see, Lucid Motors seem to have it all.


What do you think of the Lucid Air? Is it the Tesla killer?

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Comments (8)

  • 9.9 seconds,that's bonkers!

      20 days ago
    • Ford just did a special purpose Mustang electric drag car that got sub 9s.

        20 days ago
    • yes I saw that, that's amazing too!and I have always loved mustangs.

        19 days ago
  • Other than the fact that we keep having companies claim production car titles when they aren’t in production, this is an amazing car. Several key technologies I really want to see in Teslas. Raising Tesla’s arbitrary cap on battery size, possibly some motor tech, battery cooling tech, and the one I am most excited about the V2G tech standard on the Air.

    I live in hurricane prone Florida and this car would completely Power a home including air conditioning for a week.

      20 days ago
  • if Tesla finally gets some competition then they finally may actually begin to make better cars, their build quality and reliability is awful and I hope that that changes in the near future for a 'clash of the thunderbolts' or 'race to the range' or 'fight to the furthest' or idfk the 'battle of the batteries'!! Let's hope that Lucid poses a real threat to Tesla and let's see that monopoly of theirs fall apart!

      20 days ago
    • Yes, competition is good. And it looks like it is working. Tesla is already talking improvement for the Berlin factory.

        20 days ago
  • Tesla is in trouble when this hits production. Between Rivian and Lucid there will be serious competition and better build quality available in short order. Tesla will have to do some soul searching after losing a commanding lead.

      20 days ago
    • Not likely. Tesla will need to up its game some, but neither Rivian nor Lucid are planning the production numbers to threaten Tesla. But add in everyone else and we are starting to see some pressure. Battery day will tell us how much...

      Read more
        20 days ago