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Lucid dethroned Tesla in Laguna Seca

Lucid imposed himself by this record, as a serious competitor of Tesla and Porsche.

38w ago

In the automotive world, the evolution of cars has always been done in two ways : technical development and records.

Currently, the battle for records is played mainly around high performance electric cars (supercars, hypercars, SUVs, muscle cars) and with leading participants, manufacturers such as Tesla, Porsche, Ford, or Lotus for example.

A new player begins to claim his place and quite spectacularly, it is the Californian automaker Lucid, and its first model, the Lucid Air.

On September 17, the Lucid Air in 3 electric motor configuration (1080 total horsepower) broke the lap record (unofficial for the moment) of the Laguna Seca circuit which had until then been held by Tesla and its Model S with the Plaid Mode.

And not only did Lucid beat Tesla, but California can be said to have crushed Elon Musk, as the Lucid Air was 3 seconds faster than the Tesla Model S (1'33 "vs. 1'36" 5555).

Even if the record will have to be approved, the difference in lap times puts Lucid in the big leagues.

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  • That’s awesome, but who the hell is going to take an electric luxury car to a race-track!

      8 months ago