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They say that you’re not a true petrol head until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo, but yet here I am already on my 3rd one.

I fell in love with Alfa’s from a young age. Growing up, I appreciated the beauty of the Alfa Romeo, falling in love with my Aunt’s 159, in the gorgeous Alfa red. It was from that point I had my heart set on owning one.

Back when I first passed my driving test, I always told everyone I would own a MiTo, granted it took me 3 years after passing my test to even get my first car. Working as an apprentice in London, it was difficult enough funding my driving lessons, let alone saving up for a car. Three years on, I managed to get myself a little KA, your typical first car, still with my heart set on getting an Alfa back into my family. I kept this car for 2 months before I took the plunge and applied for finance for a little 2010 plate Etna Black 1.4 95bhp MiTo, the phone call to my Mum that followed the acceptance was along the lines of ‘in your face!’ I finally had my hands on the Alfa Romeo I had always wanted.

My beloved first MiTo.

Shrek (as my MiTo was lovingly called) was an absolute gem, I took the car to its limits, often following high powered sports cars, and giving it all she had, it was often asked what lump was in her, as she didn’t do too badly at keeping up! But as they say, it’s the driver, not the car… For the year of ownership, I looked after her, she had a few bumps, annoyingly, none being my fault, but connections meant she had a full respray, new brakes, battery, the works. Though my want for more power got the best of me and I went on the hunt for something with a bit more of a kick. I stumbled across a white Giulietta at this point, and immediately fell in love with the design and drive of the car, and set up the buy, before even selling the MiTo. Landing myself with two beautiful Alfa’s at home, my parents weren’t too happy with me having 4 cars at that point.

Little and large.

My Giulietta was amazing, running 170bhp from a 1.4TB block, I loved driving her around, the style and the power were great. I soon started messing around, adding a full induction kit, loving the sound she made, even my Dad fell in love when I let him drive it, making the turbo flutter and the air intake dump on a trip to Sussex one day. The car was amazing, and never once let me down on behalf of Alfa Romeo (though the boost pipe we bodged on there for the dump valve had a habit of popping off) but again, the want for more power got the best of me, and I went on the hunt again after another year of ownership.

A little trip to the London eye.

After being pickier with the colour and car I wanted this time, I fell in love with an anthracite grey 1.8 TB Giulietta Cloverleaf, sporting full red leather interior and all the added extras, from heated seats, built in sat nav to BOSE speaker and sub upgrade. The order was set up, and I dragged my best friend all the way to Nottingham with me to pick her up. It was even better for me to find out when I was signing the papers that she had already been remapped by an Alfa Romeo specialist, running 270bhp, my entire day was made. I’ve now had the car for 4 months, and am still as in love as the day I bought her. The diamond cut turbine wheels, the red leather seats, the gorgeous Cloverleaf badge, the car is beautiful.

After her first detail, the girl scrubs up well!

The red leather definitely grew on me.

The only thing I want for the car now is to upgrade more and more, with research into induction kits, new exhaust, tinted lights and airlift suspension, there’s so much more to come to make the car my own.

For all the hate Alfa Romeo’s receive, the love for my 3 girls is unreal, and not once have they let me down, power, performance, style and electronics. I might be one of the lucky ones, or I might just look after my cars, but I would always recommend an Alfa to anyone I know. Who knows, maybe in a year or two I’ll have my hands on a Giulia Quadrifoglio!

Have you ever owned an Alfa? Let us know what you think of them in the comments.