Luxury cars would be better as electric only cars

Here's why...

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As car enthusiasts, we all enjoy the sound of an engine (let's be honest a petrol one) spluttering into life, it just sounds fantastic. For many people, an internal combustion engine and the noise that accompanies it, is an essential part of being a petrolhead. Surely if cars were totally silent, things would be a bit dull? This is an argument I've heard several times, but I think luxury cars by their very design stand apart from the rest.

Frankly, luxury cars should be as quiet as possible. Rolls-Royce pride themselves on how quiet their cars are, how little to no noise can seemingly enter the interior. Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, practically any brand known for exclusively luxury cars will make a point over how quiet everything is. Obviously, there are luxury sports cars but for the purposes of this article, only cars designed with luxury in mind are considered. Because, yes luxury sports cars do indeed exist but when they were being designed, the sporty element was the one that was most likely thought of first and given the most time and attention.

When you're sitting in the back of your S-Class, (because let's be honest, you probably will be sitting in the back), the last thing you'll want to hear is the sound of an engine. You want peace and quiet, perhaps a gentle hum is the most you'll wish for. Quieter options are available and if they are, you'd ought to take it. Loud engines don't seem at home in the ultra luxury segment of the car world, they belong in a totally different breed of car.

Electric and hybrid cars are becoming better and better all the time and easier to access, so it only stands to reason that the likes of Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Range Rover, Maybach and whoever else will stop bothering with the ICE. We've already heard stories confirming such speculation. Practically all the people who can drive such finely crafted cars do have driveways, so for them an electric Range Rover is an enticing a purchase as a petrol Range Rover.

But at the end of the day, it's about sound and noise. Most cars can get away with being raucous, but not the types of cars that I've mentioned. It makes less and less sense for these cars to make any kind of engine racket at all. Numerous studies have proven that electric/hybrid cars are far quieter than their ICE cousins. And if you live on a busy street, perhaps electric cars would be welcomed with open arms.

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  • 100 percent agree. Isn’t getting what you want instantly (as in throttle response and instant torque) and quietness and refinement a “luxury” in itself? Not 100 percent aboard the EV train myself, but I agree EV powertrains make a lot of sense for luxury cars in general.

      15 days ago
  • You make fair points, but you must remember that the sorts of people who buy luxury cars like S-Classes and Range Rovers tend to really value their time. They don't have time to carefully plan their journeys and charge up at certain points - they need to be somewhere all of the time and having an EV would only make things inconvenient for appointments, meetings etc that could make or break their business. With petrol or diesel, it's a 5 minute fill up and they're on the road again, a 1hour+ wait in the day between places isn't ideal at all.

      14 days ago
  • I have been fighting for this idea for so longggggggg.

    Yes! Yes yes yes stop talking about and get Rolls Royce on the line😂😂😂

      14 days ago
  • PHEV with range extender would be appropriate for luxury vehicles. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      14 days ago
  • Should these luxury cars be purely EV? @tribe

      14 days ago
    • Hell no because people with money need to go places and don’t have time to wait for their stupid ev to charge

        14 days ago
    • It makes sense for most of them, but not Jaguar. I feel the engines are important in them

        14 days ago