luxury in a445 turbo v8

"how is this possible?", I yelled at my colleague.

4y ago

"I think the car is too big," were the first words I spoke to a colleague when it was suggested that I test out the latest 7 Series from BMW. Then it showed up at my front door and all my fumbling about went out the window. The 2016 BMW 750i iDrive is an amazing machine with body lines that are the best in its class bar none. But how does it drive? Well, since the car had already won me over with its masculine good looks, I naturally had to open the door and drive with an even more skeptical mindset. The BMW after all, was not my first choice.
Having walked around the car for a good ten minutes, I sheepishly flung the door open and took a gander at the interior. It is amazing! The 750i is a luxury heaven replete in stunning leather with plush seating that is even better than a Rolls-Royce. "How is this possible?", I yelled at my colleague. The car is clearly beyond what I thought it would be. What I thought it would be was some over-technology-enhanced car with an interior resembling some sort of futuristic space compartment, too slick to be enjoyed. But let me tell you, this car is excellent and from the first moment I sat in the driver's seat, it was nothing but an enjoyable time. Packing a 445 hp turbo V8, the 7 Series is a worthy street fighter. However, fighting it would not do while in my possession. The car had just too much class for me to even think about driving her with anything but a refined sense of self.
The iDrive 5.0 system, now with gesture control, is all one could want in technology. It is straight-forward, intuitive and has every possible feature combined to make driving a pure pleasure. The rear entertainment screens with center console support is able to make the most demanding of back seat drivers happy. In this particular case, my 3 nieces were constantly angling for a DVD or music to be played. The remote control and detachable tablet gave them all they needed while I tended to the business of driving. And if that wasn't enough to quench their thirst for luxury, ample legroom and massaging seats set them up in a lap of comfort that when it came time to return the car, they protested as only whiny children can. BMW has really made the best 7 Series yet and are in no worry of being upended by any competition. Their prowess with technology coupled with their intimate knowledge of luxury (they own Rolls-Royce for goodness sake), makes this car the best family car one could ask for. As for me, I'll hold off on the children for a bit longer.

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